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 DeCS Categories

D08 Enzymes and Coenzymes .
D08.811 Enzymes .
D08.811.277 Hydrolases .
D08.811.277.040 Acid Anhydride Hydrolases .
D08.811.277.040.025 Adenosine Triphosphatases .
D08.811. DNA Helicases .
D08.811. RecQ Helicases .
D08.811.277.040.330 GTP Phosphohydrolases .
D08.811.277.040.330.300 GTP-Binding Proteins .
D08.811.277.040.330.300.400 Monomeric GTP-Binding Proteins .
D08.811.277.040.330.300.400.462 ran GTP-Binding Protein .
D08.811.277.040.330.300.400.500 ras Proteins .
D08.811.277.040.330.300.400.700 rho GTP-Binding Proteins .
D08.811.277.040.330.300.400.700.100 rac GTP-Binding Proteins .
D08.811.399 Isomerases .
D08.811.399.340 DNA Helicases .
D08.811.399.340.249 RecQ Helicases .
D08.811.739 Recombinases .
D08.811.739.650 Rec A Recombinases .
D08.811.913 Transferases .
D08.811.913.696 Phosphotransferases .
D08.811.913.696.445 Nucleotidyltransferases .
D08.811.913.696.445.692 Rec A Recombinases .
D08.811.913.696.445.735 RNA Nucleotidyltransferases .
D08.811.913.696.445.735.270 DNA-Directed RNA Polymerases .
D08.811.913.696.445.735.270.887 RNA Polymerase Sigma 54 .
D12 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins .
D12.644 Peptides .
D12.644.360 Intracellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins .
D12.644.360.525 Monomeric GTP-Binding Proteins .
D12.644.360.525.462 ran GTP-Binding Protein .
D12.644.360.525.500 ras Proteins .
D12.644.360.525.700 rho GTP-Binding Proteins .
D12.644.360.525.700.100 rac GTP-Binding Proteins .
D12.776 Proteins .
D12.776.097 Bacterial Proteins .
D12.776.097.698 RNA Polymerase Sigma 54 .
D12.776.157 Carrier Proteins .
D12.776.157.325 GTP-Binding Proteins .
D12.776.157.325.515 Monomeric GTP-Binding Proteins .
D12.776.157.325.515.462 ran GTP-Binding Protein .
D12.776.157.325.515.500 ras Proteins .
D12.776.157.325.515.700 rho GTP-Binding Proteins .
D12.776.157.325.515.700.100 rac GTP-Binding Proteins .
D12.776.157.530 Membrane Transport Proteins .
D12.776.157.530.750 Nucleocytoplasmic Transport Proteins .
D12.776.157.530.750.750 ran GTP-Binding Protein .
D12.776.157.725 RNA-Binding Proteins .
D12.776.157.725.076 Gene Products, rev .
D12.776.476 Intracellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins .
D12.776.476.525 Monomeric GTP-Binding Proteins .
D12.776.476.525.462 ran GTP-Binding Protein .
D12.776.476.525.500 ras Proteins .
D12.776.476.525.700 rho GTP-Binding Proteins .
D12.776.476.525.700.100 rac GTP-Binding Proteins .
D12.776.543 Membrane Proteins .
D12.776.543.585 Membrane Transport Proteins .
D12.776.543.585.750 Nucleocytoplasmic Transport Proteins .
D12.776.543.585.750.750 ran GTP-Binding Protein .
D12.776.660 Nuclear Proteins .
D12.776.660.768 ran GTP-Binding Protein .
D12.776.664 Nucleoproteins .
D12.776.664.962 RNA-Binding Proteins .
D12.776.664.962.186 Gene Products, rev .
D12.776.964 Viral Proteins .
D12.776.964.925 Viral Regulatory and Accessory Proteins .
D12.776.964.925.984 Trans-Activators .
D12.776.964.925.984.385 Gene Products, rev .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.097 Chemistry .
SP4.011.097.036 Organic Chemicals .
SP4. Proteins .
 Synonyms & Historicals
RNA Polymerase Sigma 54 .
RNA Polymerase SigmaN .
RpoN1 Protein .
RpoN2 Protein .
Sigma54 Protein .
Transcription Factor Sigma-54 .
Factor 54, Sigma .
SigmaN, RNA Polymerase .
Transcription Factor Sigma 54 .
Sigma Factor 54 .
A DNA-directed RNA polymerase found in BACTERIA. It is a holoenzyme that consists of multiple subunits including sigma factor 54. .
Proteins .
Protein Gene Products .
Proteins, Gene .
Gene Proteins .
Gene Products, Protein .
Linear POLYPEPTIDES that are synthesized on RIBOSOMES and may be further modified, crosslinked, cleaved, or assembled into complex proteins with several subunits. The specific sequence of AMINO ACIDS determines the shape the polypeptide will take, during PROTEIN FOLDING, and the function of the protein. .
Rec A Recombinases .
RecA Protein .
Recombinases, Rec A .
Rec A Protein .
A family of recombinases initially identified in BACTERIA. They catalyze the ATP-driven exchange of DNA strands in GENETIC RECOMBINATION. The product of the reaction consists of a duplex and a displaced single-stranded loop, which has the shape of the letter D and is therefore called a D-loop structure. .
ran GTP-Binding Protein .
ran Proteins .
ras-Related Nuclear Protein .
GTP-Binding Protein, ran .
Nuclear Protein, ras-Related .
ran GTP Binding Protein .
ras Related Nuclear Protein .
ran Protein .
TC4 Protein .
A monomeric GTP-binding protein involved in nucleocytoplasmic transport of proteins into the nucleus and RNA into the cytoplasm. This enzyme was formerly listed as EC .
Gene Products, rev .
Gene Product, rev .
rev Gene Product .
rev Gene Products .
rev Protein .
Trans-acting nuclear proteins whose functional expression are required for retroviral replication. Specifically, the rev gene products are required for processing and translation of the gag and env mRNAs, and thus rev regulates the expression of the viral structural proteins. rev can also regulate viral regulatory proteins. A cis-acting antirepression sequence (CAR) in env, also known as the rev-responsive element (RRE), is responsive to the rev gene product. rev is short for regulator of virion. .
RecQ Helicases .
ATP-Dependent DNA Helicase Q1 .
ATP-Dependent DNA Helicase Q4 .
ATP-Dependent DNA Helicase Q5 .
DNA Helicase Q1 .
DNA Helicase RecQL .
DNA Helicase RecQL4 .
DNA Helicase, RecQ-like type 2 .
DNA-Dependent ATPase Q1 .
RECQL1 Helicase .
RTS Helicase .
RecQ Family of DNA Helicases .
RecQ Protein .
RecQ2 Helicase .
RecQ3 Helicase .
RecQ4 Helicase .
RecQ5 Helicase .
RecQ5L Helicase .
RecQL Helicase .
RecQL2 Helicase .
RecQL3 Helicase .
RecQL4 Helicase .
ATP Dependent DNA Helicase Q1 .
ATP Dependent DNA Helicase Q4 .
ATP Dependent DNA Helicase Q5 .
DNA Dependent ATPase Q1 .
DNA Helicase, RecQ like type 2 .
Helicase, RECQL1 .
Helicase, RTS .
Helicase, RecQ2 .
Helicase, RecQ3 .
Helicase, RecQ5 .
Helicase, RecQ5L .
Helicase, RecQL .
Helicase, RecQL2 .
Helicase, RecQL3 .
Helicase, RecQL4 .
Helicases, RecQ .
A family of structurally-related DNA helicases that play an essential role in the maintenance of genome integrity. RecQ helicases were originally discovered in E COLI and are highly conserved across both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Genetic mutations that result in loss of RecQ helicase activity gives rise to disorders that are associated with CANCER predisposition and premature aging. .
rac GTP-Binding Proteins .
rac G Protein .
G Protein, rac .
GTP-Binding Proteins, rac .
rac GTP Binding Proteins .
rac Proteins .
A sub-family of RHO GTP-BINDING PROTEINS that is involved in regulating the organization of cytoskeletal filaments. This enzyme was formerly listed as EC .
ras Proteins .
ras GTPases .
GTPases, ras .
ras Gene Products .
Gene Products, ras .
Small, monomeric GTP-binding proteins encoded by ras genes (GENES, RAS). The protooncogene-derived protein, PROTO-ONCOGENE PROTEIN P21(RAS), plays a role in normal cellular growth, differentiation and development. The oncogene-derived protein (ONCOGENE PROTEIN P21(RAS)) can play a role in aberrant cellular regulation during neoplastic cell transformation (CELL TRANSFORMATION, NEOPLASTIC). This enzyme was formerly listed as EC .