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 DeCS Categories

A08 Nervous System .
A08.800 Peripheral Nervous System .
A08.800.800 Peripheral Nerves .
A08.800.800.720 Spinal Nerves .
A08.800.800.720.450 Lumbosacral Plexus .
A08.800.800.720.450.760 Sciatic Nerve .
C10 Nervous System Diseases .
C10.668 Neuromuscular Diseases .
C10.668.829 Peripheral Nervous System Diseases .
C10.668.829.500 Mononeuropathies .
C10.668.829.500.675 Sciatic Neuropathy .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Sciatic Nerve .
Nerve, Sciatic .
Nerves, Sciatic .
Sciatic Nerves .
A nerve which originates in the lumbar and sacral spinal cord (L4 to S3) and supplies motor and sensory innervation to the lower extremity. The sciatic nerve, which is the main continuation of the sacral plexus, is the largest nerve in the body. It has two major branches, the TIBIAL NERVE and the PERONEAL NERVE. .
Sciatic Neuropathy .
Lesion of Sciatic Nerve .
Neuralgia-Neuritis, Sciatic Nerve .
Sciatic Nerve Palsy .
Sciatic Neuritis .
Nerve Disease, Sciatic .
Nerve Diseases, Sciatic .
Nerve Lesion, Sciatic .
Nerve Lesions, Sciatic .
Nerve Palsies, Sciatic .
Nerve Palsy, Sciatic .
Neuralgia Neuritis, Sciatic Nerve .
Neuralgia-Neuritides, Sciatic Nerve .
Neuritides, Sciatic .
Neuritis, Sciatic .
Neuropathies, Sciatic .
Neuropathy, Sciatic .
Palsies, Sciatic Nerve .
Palsy, Sciatic Nerve .
Sciatic Nerve Disease .
Sciatic Nerve Lesion .
Sciatic Nerve Lesions .
Sciatic Nerve Neuralgia-Neuritides .
Sciatic Nerve Neuralgia-Neuritis .
Sciatic Nerve Palsies .
Sciatic Neuritides .
Sciatic Neuropathies .
Sciatic Nerve Diseases .
Disease or damage involving the SCIATIC NERVE, which divides into the PERONEAL NERVE and TIBIAL NERVE (see also PERONEAL NEUROPATHIES and TIBIAL NEUROPATHY). Clinical manifestations may include SCIATICA or pain localized to the hip, PARESIS or PARALYSIS of posterior thigh muscles and muscles innervated by the peroneal and tibial nerves, and sensory loss involving the lateral and posterior thigh, posterior and lateral leg, and sole of the foot. The sciatic nerve may be affected by trauma; ISCHEMIA; COLLAGEN DISEASES; and other conditions. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p1363) .