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 DeCS Categories

A08 Nervous System .
A08.800 Peripheral Nervous System .
A08.800.800 Peripheral Nerves .
A08.800.800.120 Cranial Nerves .
A08.800.800.120.060 Accessory Nerve .
A08.800.800.720 Spinal Nerves .
A08.800.800.720.725 Spinal Nerve Roots .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Spinal Nerves .
Nerve, Spinal .
Nerves, Spinal .
Spinal Nerve .
The 31 paired peripheral nerves formed by the union of the dorsal and ventral spinal roots from each spinal cord segment. The spinal nerve plexuses and the spinal roots are also included. .
Spinal Nerve Roots .
Dorsal Root .
Nerve Root, Spinal .
Nerve Roots, Spinal .
Root, Dorsal .
Root, Spinal .
Root, Spinal Nerve .
Root, Ventral .
Roots, Dorsal .
Roots, Spinal .
Roots, Spinal Nerve .
Roots, Ventral .
Spinal Nerve Root .
Spinal Root .
Ventral Root .
Dorsal Roots .
Spinal Roots .
Ventral Roots .
Paired bundles of NERVE FIBERS entering and leaving the SPINAL CORD at each segment. The dorsal and ventral nerve roots join to form the mixed segmental spinal nerves. The dorsal roots are generally afferent, formed by the central projections of the spinal (dorsal root) ganglia sensory cells, and the ventral roots are efferent, comprising the axons of spinal motor and PREGANGLIONIC AUTONOMIC FIBERS. .
Accessory Nerve .
Nerve XI .
Nervus Accessorius .
Accessorius, Nervus .
Accessory Nerve, Spinal .
Accessory Nerves .
Accessory Nerves, Spinal .
Cranial Nerve, Eleventh .
Cranial Nerves, Eleventh .
Eleventh Cranial Nerves .
Nerve XIs .
Nerve, Accessory .
Nerve, Eleventh Cranial .
Nerve, Spinal Accessory .
Nerves, Accessory .
Nerves, Eleventh Cranial .
Nerves, Spinal Accessory .
Spinal Accessory Nerves .
Cranial Nerve XI .
Eleventh Cranial Nerve .
Spinal Accessory Nerve .
The 11th cranial nerve which originates from NEURONS in the MEDULLA and in the CERVICAL SPINAL CORD. It has a cranial root, which joins the VAGUS NERVE (10th cranial) and sends motor fibers to the muscles of the LARYNX, and a spinal root, which sends motor fibers to the TRAPEZIUS and the sternocleidomastoid muscles. .