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 DeCS Categories

B01 Eukaryota .
B01.650 Plants .
B01.650.940 Viridiplantae .
B01.650.940.800 Streptophyta .
B01.650.940.800.575 Embryophyta .
B01.650.940.800.575.912 Tracheophyta .
B01.650.940.800.575.912.250 Magnoliopsida .
B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.822 Poaceae .
B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.822.835 Saccharum .
D02 Organic Chemicals .
D02.241 Carboxylic Acids .
D02.241.081 Acids, Acyclic .
D02.241.081.844 Sugar Acids .
D02.241.511 Hydroxy Acids .
D02.241.511.902 Sugar Acids .
D09 Carbohydrates .
D09.301 Dietary Carbohydrates .
D09.301.831 Dietary Sugars .
D09.301.831.500 High Fructose Corn Syrup .
D09.811 Sugar Acids .
D09.947 Sugars .
D09.947.500 Dietary Sugars .
D09.947.500.500 High Fructose Corn Syrup .
D09.973 Thiosugars .
D27 Chemical Actions and Uses .
D27.720 Specialty Uses of Chemicals .
D27.720.372 Food Ingredients .
D27.720.372.300 Food Additives .
D27.720.372.300.353 Flavoring Agents .
D27.720.372.300.353.609 Sweetening Agents .
D27.720.372.300.353.609.750 Nutritive Sweeteners .
D27.720.372.300.353.609.750.500 High Fructose Corn Syrup .
G07 Physiological Phenomena .
G07.203 Diet, Food, and Nutrition .
G07.203.300 Food 4276 .
G07.203.300.362 Dietary Carbohydrates .
G07.203.300.362.831 Dietary Sugars .
G07.203.300.362.831.500 High Fructose Corn Syrup .
G07.203.300.514 Food Ingredients .
G07.203.300.514.500 Food Additives .
G07.203.300.514.500.400 Flavoring Agents .
G07.203.300.514.500.400.700 Sweetening Agents .
G07.203.300.514.500.400.700.750 Nutritive Sweeteners .
G07.203.300.514.500.400.700.750.500 High Fructose Corn Syrup .
J02 Food and Beverages .
J02.500 Food 4276 .
J02.500.362 Dietary Carbohydrates .
J02.500.362.831 Dietary Sugars .
J02.500.362.831.500 High Fructose Corn Syrup .
J02.500.514 Food Ingredients .
J02.500.514.500 Food Additives .
J02.500.514.500.400 Flavoring Agents .
J02.500.514.500.400.700 Sweetening Agents .
J02.500.514.500.400.700.750 Nutritive Sweeteners .
J02.500.514.500.400.700.750.500 High Fructose Corn Syrup .
VS2 Health Surveillance of Products .
VS2.001 Control and Sanitary Supervision of Foods and Beverages .
VS2.001.001 Food 4276 .
VS2.001.001.002 Industrialized Foods .
VS2. Sugars .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Sugars .
Sugar .
Short chain carbohydrate molecules that have hydroxyl groups attached to each carbon atom unit with the exception of one carbon that has a doubly-bond aldehyde or ketone oxygen. Cyclical sugar molecules are formed when the aldehyde or ketone groups respectively form a hemiacetal or hemiketal bond with one of the hydroxyl carbons. The three dimensional structure of the sugar molecule occurs in a vast array of biological and synthetic classes of specialized compounds including AMINO SUGARS; CARBASUGARS; DEOXY SUGARS; SUGAR ACIDS; SUGAR ALCOHOLS; and SUGAR PHOSPHATES. .
Saccharum .
Saccharum officinarum .
Saccharum spontaneum .
Sugarcanes .
Sugarcane .
A plant genus of the family POACEAE widely cultivated in the tropics for the sweet cane that is processed into sugar. .
High Fructose Corn Syrup .
Corn Sugar .
Glucose-Fructose Syrup .
High-Fructose Maize Syrup .
Isoglucose .
Maize Syrup .
Glucose Fructose Syrup .
High Fructose Maize Syrup .
Maize Syrup, High-Fructose .
Sugar, Corn .
Syrup, Glucose-Fructose .
Syrup, High-Fructose Maize .
Syrup, Maize .
Syrup made from corn used widely in foods and beverages as a cheaper alternative sweetener to SUCROSE (common table sugar). It is generated by enzymatic processing of natural corn syrup to produce a liquid most widely composed of 42 or 55% FRUCTOSE, GLUCOSE, and various POLYSACCHARIDES. .
Sugar Acids .
Acids, Sugar .
MONOSACCHARIDES and other sugars that contain one or more carboxylic acid moieties. .
Thiosugars .
Thio-Sugars .
Thio Sugars .
Sugar analogs in which the ring oxygen is replaced by a sulfur. .