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 DeCS Categories

HP1 Homeopathy .
HP1.007 Homeopathic Philosophy .
HP1.007.262 Patients .
HP1.007.262.808 Disease .
HP1.007.262.808.139 Chronic Disease .
HP1.007.262.808.139.207 Miasm in Homeopathy .
HP1.007.262.808.139.207.133 Psora in Homeopathy .
HP1.007.262.808.139.207.144 Sycosis in Homeopathy .
HP1.007.262.808.139.207.155 Syphilinism in Homeopathy .
HP1.007.262.808.139.207.166 Tuberculinism or Pseudopsora in Homeopathy .
HP2 Homeopathic Clinics .
HP2.106 Symptoms in Homeopathy .
HP2.106.414 Cancer Symptoms .
HP2.106.490 Syphilitic Symptoms .
HP6 Homeopathic Semiology .
HP6.029 Miasm in Homeopathy .
HP6.029.224 Psora in Homeopathy .
HP6.029.243 Sycosis in Homeopathy .
HP6.029.262 Syphilinism in Homeopathy .
HP6.029.281 Tuberculinism or Pseudopsora in Homeopathy .
HP6.051 Symptoms in Homeopathy .
HP6.051.414 Cancer Symptoms .
HP6.051.585 Syphilitic Symptoms .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Cancer Symptoms .
Symptoms, Cancerinic .
Symptoms indicating a cancerous miasmatic state involving the three basic miasms: psora, sycosis and syphilis. .
Tuberculinism or Pseudopsora in Homeopathy .
Tuberculinism .
Tuberculinic Miasm .
Miasmatic state characterized by psora and syphilis related symptoms. .
Syphilinism in Homeopathy .
Syphilinism .
Luetism .
Syphilitic Miasm .
Syphilis (Homeopathy) .
A serious lesions miasmatic condition characterized by the destruction of tissues and the psyche. Characteristic lesion are putrefied and bleeding ulcers and this is the most destructive of all miasmatic states. The individual seeks isolation, looks apathetic and indifferent, inflicts distruction upon self and others in a totally disordered manner. .
Sycosis in Homeopathy .
Sycosis (Homeopathy) .
Sycotic Miasm .
Sicotization .
Miasmatic state, more lesional than functional, similar to psora and characterized by personality and physical hyperplasia. Conditions such as accumulation, hyperplasia and the movement towards controlling his/her immediate environment predominate. The individual breeds selfish thoughts and distructive ideas towards others. There is improvement by pathological eliminations (catarrh, secretions, etc.) .
Psora in Homeopathy .
Psora .
Psoric Miasm .
Miasmatic conditon closer to the state of balance which is the first situation that indicates that a state of imbalance is taking place. It is manifested by the mental plane through anxiety as well as variability and alternation of mental symptoms, the individual seeks peer acceptance and breeds selfish thoughts and destructive ideas towards others. On the physical level, symptoms are represented by itching, erratism and improvement by ellimination processes. This is a functional rather than lesional condition. .
Miasm in Homeopathy .
Miasm .
Miasmatic Philosophy .
Miasmatic Theory .
Diatesic and constitutional predispositions that carry individual and characteristic complexity, thus determining the manner in which the individual falls ills and reacts thereof, as an expression of each one's susceptibility. .
Syphilitic Symptoms .
Syphilinic Symptoms .
Symptoms, Syphilitic .
Symptoms that characterize syphilis. .