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 DeCS Categories

B01 Eukaryota .
B01.650 Plants .
B01.650.940 Viridiplantae .
B01.650.940.800 Streptophyta .
B01.650.940.800.575 Embryophyta .
B01.650.940.800.575.912 Tracheophyta .
B01.650.940.800.575.912.250 Magnoliopsida .
B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.100 Asteraceae .
B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.100.874 Tanacetum .
D03 Heterocyclic Compounds .
D03.383 Heterocyclic Compounds, 1-Ring .
D03.383.129 Azoles .
D03.383.129.539 Pyrazoles .
D03.383.129.539.487 Indazoles .
D03.383.129.539.487.130 Benzydamine .
D03.383.129.539.850 Pyrazolones .
D03.383.129.539.850.777 Phenylbutazone .
D03.383.129.539.850.777.700 Oxyphenbutazone .
D03.633 Heterocyclic Compounds, Fused-Ring .
D03.633.100 Heterocyclic Compounds, 2-Ring .
D03.633.100.449 Indazoles .
D03.633.100.449.130 Benzydamine .
D05 Macromolecular Substances .
D05.750 Polymers .
D05.750.078 Biopolymers .
D05.750.078.937 Tannins .
G02 Chemical Phenomena .
G02.111 Biochemical Phenomena .
G02.111.570 Molecular Structure .
G02.111.570.080 Base Sequence .
G02.111.570.080.708 Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid .
G02.111.570.080.708.800 Tandem Repeat Sequences .
G05 Genetic Phenomena .
G05.360 Genetic Structures .
G05.360.080 Base Sequence .
G05.360.080.708 Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid .
G05.360.080.708.800 Tandem Repeat Sequences .
G05.360.340 Genome .
G05.360.340.024 Genome Components .
G05.360.340.024.850 Tandem Repeat Sequences .
J01 Technology, Industry, and Agriculture .
J01.576 Industry .
J01.576.852 Tanning .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.087 Contamination .
SP4.011.087.718 Industrial Pollution .
SP4.011.087.718.439 Industry .
SP4.011.087.718.439.230 Leather Industry .
SP4.046 Occupational Health .
SP4.046.462 Industry .
SP4.046.462.908 Leather Industry .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Oxyphenbutazone .
Diflamil .
Oxyphenylbutazone .
Tanderil .
Hydroxyphenylbutazone .
A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Oxyphenbutazone eyedrops have been used abroad in the management of postoperative ocular inflammation, superficial eye injuries, and episcleritis. (From AMA, Drug Evaluations Annual, 1994, p2000) It had been used by mouth in rheumatic disorders such as ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis but such use is no longer considered justified owing to the risk of severe hematological adverse effects. (From Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 30th ed, p27) .
Tanacetum .
Tanacetum vulgare .
Tansy .
Tanacetum vulgares .
Tanacetums .
Tansies .
vulgares, Tanacetum .
A plant genus of the family ASTERACEAE. Some species of the CHRYSANTHEMUM and the old Pyrethrum genera have been reclassified to this genus. The common name of tansy usually refers to this but also forms part of the common name of other plants such as Tansy Ragwort (SENECIO) and Tansyaster (HAPLOPAPPUS). .
Benzydamine .
Benzidamine .
Benzydamine Hydrochloride .
Benzydamine Monohydrochloride .
Difflam .
Lonol .
Novo-Benzydamine .
Opalgyne .
PMS-Benzydamine .
Ratio-Benzydamine .
Rosalgin .
Sun-Benz .
Tantum .
Tantum Topico .
Hydrochloride, Benzydamine .
Monohydrochloride, Benzydamine .
Novo Benzydamine .
PMS Benzydamine .
Ratio Benzydamine .
Sun Benz .
Benzindamine .
A benzyl-indazole having analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory effects. It is used to reduce post-surgical and post-traumatic pain and edema and to promote healing. It is also used topically in treatment of RHEUMATIC DISEASES and INFLAMMATION of the mouth and throat. .
Leather Industry .
Leather .
Hides and Skins .
Hide Tanning .
Tanneries .
Tannery (Industry) .
Tanning Agents .
Tannery Industry .
Tannery .
Tanning Plants .
Tannery [Industry] .
Tanning .
Tannings .
A process of preserving animal hides by chemical treatment (using vegetable tannins, metallic sulfates, and sulfurized phenol compounds, or syntans) to make them immune to bacterial attack, and subsequent treatments with fats and greases to make them pliable. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 5th ed) .
Tannins .
Tannic Acid .
Tannic Acids .
Acid, Tannic .
Acids, Tannic .
Gallotannic Acid .
Polyphenolic compounds with molecular weights of around 500-3000 daltons and containing enough hydroxyl groups (1-2 per 100 MW) for effective cross linking of other compounds (ASTRINGENTS). The two main types are HYDROLYZABLE TANNINS and CONDENSED TANNINS. Historically, the term has applied to many compounds and plant extracts able to render skin COLLAGEN impervious to degradation. The word tannin derives from the Celtic word for OAK TREE which was used for leather processing. .
Tandem Repeat Sequences .
Direct Tandem Repeats .
Tandem Repeat .
Tandem Repeats .
Direct Tandem Repeat .
Repeat Sequence, Tandem .
Repeat Sequences, Tandem .
Repeat, Direct Tandem .
Repeat, Tandem .
Repeats, Direct Tandem .
Repeats, Tandem .
Sequence, Tandem Repeat .
Sequences, Tandem Repeat .
Tandem Repeat Sequence .
Tandem Repeat, Direct .
Tandem Repeats, Direct .
Copies of DNA sequences which lie adjacent to each other in the same orientation (direct tandem repeats) or in the opposite direction to each other (INVERTED TANDEM REPEATS). .