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 DeCS Categories

E01 Diagnosis .
E01.370 Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures .
E01.370.225 Clinical Laboratory Techniques .
E01.370.225.500 Cytological Techniques .
E01.370.225.500.620 Histocytological Preparation Techniques .
E01.370.225.500.620.670 Staining and Labeling .
E01.370.225.750 Histological Techniques .
E01.370.225.750.600 Histocytological Preparation Techniques .
E01.370.225.750.600.670 Staining and Labeling .
E02 Therapeutics .
E02.056 Balneology .
E02.056.110 Baths .
E02.319 Drug Therapy .
E02.319.347 Enema .
E05 Investigative Techniques .
E05.200 Clinical Laboratory Techniques .
E05.200.500 Cytological Techniques .
E05.200.500.620 Histocytological Preparation Techniques .
E05.200.500.620.670 Staining and Labeling .
E05.200.750 Histological Techniques .
E05.200.750.600 Histocytological Preparation Techniques .
E05.200.750.600.670 Staining and Labeling .
F01 Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms .
F01.145 Behavior .
F01.145.113 Behavior, Animal .
F01.145.113.111 Appetitive Behavior .
F01. Grooming .
N06 Environment and Public Health .
N06.850 Public Health .
N06.850.670 Hygiene .
N06.850.670.150 Hand Hygiene .
N06.850.670.150.500 Hand Disinfection .
N06.850.780 Public Health Practice .
N06.850.780.200 Communicable Disease Control .
N06.850.780.200.300 Fumigation .
N06.850.780.200.450 Infection Control .
N06.850.780.200.450.850 Sterilization .
N06.850.780.200.800 Sanitation .
N06.850.780.200.800.800 Sanitary Engineering .
N06.850.780.200.800.800.890 Waste Disposal, Fluid .
N06.850.860 Sanitation .
N06.850.860.510 Sanitary Engineering .
N06.850.860.510.900 Waste Management .
N06.850.860.510.900.600 Refuse Disposal .
N06.850.860.510.900.600.900 Waste Disposal, Fluid .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.001 Health .
SP4.001.022 Pest Control .
SP4.001.022.218 Insect Control .
SP4. Fumigation .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.097 Chemistry .
SP4.011.097.066 Sterilization .
SP4.026 Sewage .
SP4.026.287 Sludges (Environmental Health) .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Hand Disinfection .
Hand Sanitization .
Hand Washing .
Scrubbing, Surgical .
Surgical Scrubbing .
Hand Washings .
Sanitization, Hand .
Washing, Hand .
Washings, Hand .
Disinfection, Hand .
Handwashing .
Surgical Scrub .
The act of cleansing the hands with water or other liquid, with or without the inclusion of soap or other detergent, for the purpose of destroying infectious microorganisms. .
Fumigation .
Fumigations .
Fumigant .
Fumigants .
The application of smoke, vapor, or gas for the purpose of disinfecting or destroying pests or microorganisms. .
Baths .
Bath 1169 .
The immersion or washing of the body or any of its parts in water or other medium for cleansing or medical treatment. It includes bathing for personal hygiene as well as for medical purposes with the addition of therapeutic agents, such as alkalines, antiseptics, oil, etc. .
Grooming .
Groomings .
Preenings .
Preening .
An animal's cleaning and caring for the body surface. This includes preening, the cleaning and oiling of feathers with the bill or of hair with the tongue. .
Staining and Labeling .
Histological Labelings .
Labeling and Staining .
Labeling, Histological .
Labelings, Histological .
Stainings .
Histological Labeling .
Staining .
Staining and Labelling .
The marking of biological material with a dye or other reagent for the purpose of identifying and quantitating components of tissues, cells or their extracts. .
Enema .
Enemata .
Enemas .
Enematas .
Insertion of a solution or compound through the RECTUM with the purpose of cleansing the COLON or for diagnostic procedures. .
/isolation & purification .
/isolation and purification .
/isolation .
/purification .
Used with bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and helminths for the obtaining of pure strains or for the demonstration of the presence of or identification of organisms by DNA analyses, immunologic, or other methods, including culture techniques. It is used also with biological substances and chemicals for the isolation and purification of the constituents. .
Sterilization .
The destroying of all forms of life, especially microorganisms, by heat, chemical, or other means. .
Waste Disposal, Fluid .
Disposal, Fluid Waste .
Disposals, Fluid Waste .
Fluid Waste Disposal .
Fluid Waste Disposals .
Waste Disposals, Fluid .
The discarding or destroying of liquid waste products or their transformation into something useful or innocuous. .
Sludges (Environmental Health) .
Sludge (Environmental Health) .
Solids accumulated from their separation of liquids such as water or waste water. Sediments on the bottom of any other body of water. .