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 DeCS Categories

E02 Therapeutics .
E02.190 Complementary Therapies .
E02.190.525 Mind-Body Therapies .
E02.190.525.217 Hypnosis .
F04 Behavioral Disciplines and Activities .
F04.754 Psychotherapy .
F04.754.424 Hypnosis .
G01 Physical Phenomena .
G01.906 Thermodynamics .
G01.906.595 Temperature .
G16 Biological Phenomena .
G16.500 Ecological and Environmental Phenomena .
G16.500.275 Environment .
G16.500.275.063 Atmosphere .
G16.500.275.063.725 Weather .
G16.500.275.063.725.710 Temperature .
G16.500.750 Meteorological Concepts .
G16.500.750.775 Weather .
G16.500.750.775.710 Temperature .
HP3 Homeopathic Therapeutics .
HP3.018 Complementary Therapies .
HP3.018.156 Hypnosis .
N04 Health Services Administration .
N04.452 Organization and Administration .
N04.452.070 Annual Reports as Topic .
N06 Environment and Public Health .
N06.230 Environment .
N06.230.150 Environment, Controlled .
N06.230.150.450 Temperature .
N06.230.300 Meteorological Concepts .
N06.230.300.100 Atmosphere .
N06.230.300.100.725 Weather .
N06.230.300.100.725.710 Temperature .
SP1 Health Policy, Planning and Management .
SP1.001 Public Health Policy .
SP1.001.012 Health Systems .
SP1.001.012.010 National Health Systems .
SP1. Unified Health System .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.112 Physics .
SP4.011.112.333 Temperature .
SP4.016 Water Resources .
SP4.016.152 Water Characteristics .
SP4.016.152.683 Water Physical Characteristics .
SP4.016.152.683.184 Temperature .
SP5 Epidemiology and Biostatistics .
SP5.001 Epidemiology .
SP5.001.047 Uses of Epidemiology .
SP5.001.047.108 Health Profile .
SP6 Nutrition, Public Health .
SP6.031 Nutrition Personnel .
SP6.031.092 Nutrition Technician .
SP8 Disasters .
SP8.473 Risk 17142 .
SP8.473.654 Hazards .
SP8.473.654.587 Meteorology .
SP8.473.654.587.622 Temperature .
SP9 Health Law .
SP9.030 Administrative Law .
SP9.030.010 Public Administration .
SP9.030.010.010 Acts of Administration .
SP9. Official Letters .
SP9.160 Social Welfare .
SP9.160.030 Unified Health System .
SP9.160.030.030 Health Surveillance .
VS1 Health Surveillance System .
VS1.001 National Policy of Health Surveillance .
VS1.001.001 National Health Surveillance System .
 Synonyms & Historicals
National Health Surveillance System .
The set of actions defined by law, run by institutions of direct and indirect public administration of the country, states or municipalities engaged in activities of regulation, standardization, control and supervision in the area of ​​health surveillance. .
Unified Health System .
Brazilian Unified Health System .
Brazilian Unified National Health System .
Single Health System .
Single Health Care System .
Unified Health Care System .
Unified Healthcare System .
National Health System (BR) .
Public Health System (BR) .
In Brazil, it is the package/set of health actions and services delivered by public federal, State and municipal organizations and institutions, direct or indirectly managed by government foundations, including the public federal, state and municipal institutions for quality control, research and production of raw materials, medications, blood and blood derivatives, and health equipment. (Law 808 of September 19, 1990 - Organic Health Law, Brazil) .
Public Health Policy .
Government Policies and Organization .
Public Health Policies .
Health Public Policy .
Health Public Policies .
Set of actions, legal and budgetary framework generated by the procedure and government institutions. They are legitimized through laws or regulations and promote changes in behavior of institutions and individuals in relation to a sectoral or thematic issue. (Free translation from the original: DUNN W.N. About public policy analysis ; a introduction. New Jersey; Prentice Hall, 1993) .
Official Letters .
ACTS OF ADMINISTRATION used by authorities as the official form of communication among themselves, superiors and subordinates and between PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION and individuals. .
Annual Reports as Topic .
Works on annual statements reviewing the status of the administrative and operational functions and accomplishments of an institution or organization. .
Hypnosis .
Hypnotherapy .
Hypnotism .
Hypnoses .
Hypnotherapies .
Animal Magnetism .
Mesmerism .
A state of increased receptivity to suggestion and direction, initially induced by the influence of another person. .
Health Surveillance .
Health Control .
Sanitary Surveillance .
Sanitary Vigilance .
Sanitation Vigilance .
A set of measures that are capable of eliminating, reducing or preventing health risks and of intervening in sanitation problems resulting from the environment, production and transportation of goods and the rendering of services that are of interest to health. Note: Health surveillance (or sanitation, or vigilance) includes: (i) control of consumption goods that are directly or indirectly related to health, in all stages of production and consumption; (ii) control over the rending of services that are directly or indirectly related to health (Law 8080 of September 19, 1990, Brazil). .
Nutrition Technician .
A professional who carries out activities related to human nutrition, foccused in individual and/or social health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation, collaborating in the supervision and control of technical and administrative activities in the area of food and nutrition under the supervision of a nutritionist. .
Health Profile .
Epidemiological Profiles .
Epidemiological Profile .
Characterization of the health status of a specific population, considering directly and indirectly factors related to it. .
Temperature .
Temperatures .
The property of objects that determines the direction of heat flow when they are placed in direct thermal contact. The temperature is the energy of microscopic motions (vibrational and translational) of the particles of atoms. .