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 DeCS Categories

D27 Chemical Actions and Uses .
D27.505 Pharmacologic Actions .
D27.505.954 Therapeutic Uses .
D27.505.954.444 Dermatologic Agents .
D27.505.954.444.600 Photosensitizing Agents .
D27.505.954.600 Radiation-Sensitizing Agents .
D27.505.954.600.710 Photosensitizing Agents .
D27.720 Specialty Uses of Chemicals .
D27.720.470 Laboratory Chemicals .
E02 Therapeutics .
E02.041 Airway Management .
E02.041.500 Intubation, Intratracheal .
E02.319 Drug Therapy .
E02.319.267 Drug Administration Routes .
E02.319.890 Self Administration .
E02.585 Intubation .
E02.585.578 Intubation, Intratracheal .
E02.900 Self Care .
E02.900.890 Self Administration .
E04 Surgical Procedures, Operative .
E04.545 Oral Surgical Procedures .
E04.545.550 Oral Surgical Procedures, Preprosthetic .
E04.545.550.280 Dental Implantation .
E04.650 Prosthesis Implantation .
E04.650.230 Dental Implantation .
E05 Investigative Techniques .
E05.301 Electrochemical Techniques .
E05.497 Intubation .
E05.497.578 Intubation, Intratracheal .
E06 Dentistry .
E06.645 Oral Surgical Procedures .
E06.645.550 Oral Surgical Procedures, Preprosthetic .
E06.645.550.280 Dental Implantation .
E06.780 Prosthodontics .
E06.780.314 Dental Implantation .
F01 Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms .
F01.829 Psychology, Social .
F01.829.401 Interpersonal Relations .
F01.829.401.650 Professional-Patient Relations .
F01.829.401.650.505 Duty to Recontact .
G07 Physiological Phenomena .
G07.690 Pharmacological and Toxicological Phenomena .
G07.690.773 Pharmacological Phenomena .
G07.690.773.984 Drug Resistance .
I01 Social Sciences .
I01.880 Sociology .
I01.880.604 Social Control, Formal .
I01.880.604.583 Jurisprudence .
I01.880.604.583.166 Duty to Recontact .
N03 Health Care Economics and Organizations .
N03.706 Social Control, Formal .
N03.706.535 Jurisprudence .
N03.706.535.247 Duty to Recontact .
N06 Environment and Public Health .
N06.850 Public Health .
N06.850.135 Accidents .
N06.850.135.195 Chemical Hazard Release .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.087 Contamination .
SP4.011.087.713 Chemical Contamination .
SP4.011.087.713.419 Chemical Hazard Release .
SP4.011.092 Toxicology .
SP4.011.092.728 Chemical Hazard Release .
SP4.046 Occupational Health .
SP4.046.442 Work 11410 .
SP4.046.442.633 Accidents, Occupational .
SP4.046.442.633.864 Chemical Hazard Release .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Drug Administration Routes .
Administration Routes, Drug .
Administration Route, Drug .
Drug Administration Route .
Route, Drug Administration .
Routes, Drug Administration .
The various ways of administering a drug or other chemical to a site in a patient or animal from where the chemical is absorbed into the blood and delivered to the target tissue. .
Drug Resistance .
Resistance, Drug .
Diminished or failed response of an organism, disease or tissue to the intended effectiveness of a chemical or drug. It should be differentiated from DRUG TOLERANCE which is the progressive diminution of the susceptibility of a human or animal to the effects of a drug, as a result of continued administration. .
Electrochemical Techniques .
Electrochemical Technics .
Electrochemical Technic .
Electrochemical Technique .
Technic, Electrochemical .
Technics, Electrochemical .
Technique, Electrochemical .
Techniques, Electrochemical .
The utilization of an electrical current to measure, analyze, or alter chemicals or chemical reactions in solution, cells, or tissues. .
Dental Implantation .
Implantation, Dental .
Implantation, Dental Prosthesis .
Prosthesis Implantation, Dental .
Dental Prosthesis Implantations .
Implantations, Dental Prosthesis .
Prosthesis Implantations, Dental .
Dental Prosthesis Implantation .
The grafting or inserting of a prosthetic device of alloplastic material into the oral tissue beneath the mucosal or periosteal layer or within the bone. Its purpose is to provide support and retention to a partial or complete denture. .
Chemical Hazard Release .
Accidental Release, Chemical .
Hazrad Release, Chemical .
Incidents, Chemical .
Accident, Chemical .
Accidental Releases, Chemical .
Chemical Accident .
Chemical Accidental Releases .
Chemical Accidents .
Chemical Hazard Releases .
Chemical Hazrad Release .
Chemical Hazrad Releases .
Chemical Incident .
Chemical Incidents .
Hazard Release, Chemical .
Hazard Releases, Chemical .
Hazrad Releases, Chemical .
Incident, Chemical .
Release, Chemical Accidental .
Release, Chemical Hazard .
Release, Chemical Hazrad .
Releases, Chemical Accidental .
Releases, Chemical Hazard .
Releases, Chemical Hazrad .
Accidents, Chemical .
Uncontrolled release of a chemical from its containment that either threatens to, or does, cause exposure to a chemical hazard. Such an incident may occur accidentally or deliberately. .
Duty to Recontact .
Duty to Follow Up .
Recontact, Duty to .
Recontacts .
Recontact .
The ethical and/or legal obligation of a health provider or researcher to communicate with a former patient or research subject about advances in research relevant to a treatment or to a genetic or other diagnostic test provided earlier, or about proposed new uses of blood or tissue samples taken in the past for another purpose. .
Self Administration .
Administration, Self .
Administrations, Self .
Self Administrations .
Administration of a drug or chemical by the individual under the direction of a physician. It includes administration clinically or experimentally, by human or animal. .
Laboratory Chemicals .
Chemicals, Laboratory .
Chemicals necessary to perform experimental and/or investigative procedures and for the preparation of drugs and other chemicals. .
Photosensitizing Agents .
Photosensitizing Effect .
Photosensitizing Effects .
Agents, Photosensitizing .
Effect, Photosensitizing .
Effects, Photosensitizing .
Photosensitizers .
Drugs that are pharmacologically inactive but when exposed to ultraviolet radiation or sunlight are converted to their active metabolite to produce a beneficial reaction affecting the diseased tissue. These compounds can be administered topically or systemically and have been used therapeutically to treat psoriasis and various types of neoplasms. .
Intubation, Intratracheal .
Endotracheal Intubation .
Endotracheal Intubations .
Intratracheal Intubation .
Intratracheal Intubations .
Intubations, Endotracheal .
Intubations, Intratracheal .
Intubation, Endotracheal .
A procedure involving placement of a tube into the trachea through the mouth or nose in order to provide a patient with oxygen and anesthesia. .