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 DeCS Categories

B02 Archaea .
B02.075 Crenarchaeota .
B02.075.200 Desulfurococcales .
B02.075.200.500 Desulfurococcaceae .
E01 Diagnosis .
E01.370 Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures .
E01.370.225 Clinical Laboratory Techniques .
E01.370.225.812 Immunologic Tests .
E01.370.225.812.735 Serologic Tests .
E01.370.225.812.735.645 Precipitin Tests .
E01.370.225.812.735.645.350 Immunodiffusion .
E05 Investigative Techniques .
E05.200 Clinical Laboratory Techniques .
E05.200.812 Immunologic Tests .
E05.200.812.735 Serologic Tests .
E05.200.812.735.645 Precipitin Tests .
E05.200.812.735.645.350 Immunodiffusion .
E05.478 Immunologic Techniques .
E05.478.594 Immunologic Tests .
E05.478.594.760 Serologic Tests .
E05.478.594.760.645 Precipitin Tests .
E05.478.594.760.645.350 Immunodiffusion .
E05.478.605 Immunoprecipitation .
E05.478.605.492 Precipitin Tests .
E05.478.605.492.350 Immunodiffusion .
E05.484 Indicator Dilution Techniques .
E05.484.750 Thermodilution .
G01 Physical Phenomena .
G01.202 Diffusion .
G01.202.750 Thermal Diffusion .
G02 Chemical Phenomena .
G02.196 Diffusion .
G02.196.750 Thermal Diffusion .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.112 Physics .
SP4.011.112.283 Diffusion .
SP4.026 Sewage .
SP4.026.297 Wastewater Disposal .
SP4.026.297.778 Diffusion .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Thermal Diffusion .
Thermodiffusion .
Diffusion, Thermal .
The movement of molecules from one location to another as effected by temperature changes. .
Diffusion .
Diffusions .
The tendency of a gas or solute to pass from a point of higher pressure or concentration to a point of lower pressure or concentration and to distribute itself throughout the available space. Diffusion, especially FACILITATED DIFFUSION, is a major mechanism of BIOLOGICAL TRANSPORT. .
Desulfurococcaceae .
Desulfurococcus .
Ignicoccus .
Staphylothermus .
Stetteria .
Sulfophobococcus .
Thermodiscus .
Thermosphaera .
A family of archaea, in the order DESULFUROCOCCALES, consisting of anaerobic cocci which utilize peptides, proteins or carbohydrates facultatively by sulfur respiration or fermentation. There are eight genera: AEROPYRUM, Desulfurococcus, Ignicoccus, Staphylothermus, Stetteria, Sulfophoboccus, Thermodiscus, and Thermosphaera. (From Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology, 2d ed) .
Thermodilution .
Thermodilutions .
Measurement of blood flow based on induction at one point of the circulation of a known change in the intravascular heat content of flowing blood and detection of the resultant change in temperature at a point downstream. .
Immunodiffusion .
Diffusion Test, Gel .
Diffusion Tests, Gel .
Gel Diffusion Test .
Immunodiffusions .
Test, Gel Diffusion .
Tests, Gel Diffusion .
Gel Diffusion Tests .
Technique involving the diffusion of antigen or antibody through a semisolid medium, usually agar or agarose gel, with the result being a precipitin reaction. .