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 DeCS Categories

N03 Health Care Economics and Organizations .
N03.219 Economics .
N03.219.521 Financing, Organized .
N03.219.521.576 Insurance .
N03.219.521.576.343 Insurance, Health .
N03.219.521.576.343.480 Insurance, Health, Reimbursement .
N03.219.521.710 Insurance, Health, Reimbursement .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Insurance, Health, Reimbursement .
Third-Party Payers .
Health Insurance Reimbursements .
Insurance Reimbursement, Health .
Insurance Reimbursements, Health .
Payer, Third-Party .
Payers, Third-Party .
Payment, Third-Party .
Payments, Third-Party .
Reimbursements, Health Insurance .
Third Party Payers .
Third Party Payments .
Third-Party Payer .
Third-Party Payment .
Health Insurance Reimbursement .
Reimbursement, Health Insurance .
Third-Party Payments .
Payment by a third-party payer in a sum equal to the amount expended by a health care provider or facility for health services rendered to an insured or program beneficiary. (From Facts on File Dictionary of Health Care Management, 1988) .