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 DeCS Categories

A01 Body Regions .
A01.923 Torso .
A01.923.761 Thorax .
D01 Inorganic Chemicals .
D01.268 Elements .
D01.268.271 Elements, Radioactive .
D01.268.271.100 Actinoid Series Elements .
D01. Thorium .
D01.268.556 Metals, Heavy .
D01.268.556.850 Thorium .
D01.496 Isotopes .
D01.496.749 Radioisotopes .
D01.496.749.305 Elements, Radioactive .
D01.496.749.305.100 Actinoid Series Elements .
D01.496.749.305.100.900 Thorium .
D01.552 Metals .
D01.552.020 Actinoid Series Elements .
D01.552.020.889 Thorium .
D01.552.544 Metals, Heavy .
D01.552.544.850 Thorium .
D01.650 Oxygen Compounds .
D01.650.550 Oxides .
D01.650.550.875 Thorium Dioxide .
D01.930 Thorium Compounds .
D01.930.930 Thorium Dioxide .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Thorium .
A radioactive element of the actinide series of metals. It has an atomic symbol Th, atomic number 90, and atomic weight 232.04. It is used as fuel in nuclear reactors to produce fissionable uranium isotopes. Because of its radioopacity, various thorium compounds are used to facilitate visualization in roentgenography. .
Thorium Dioxide .
Thorotrast .
Dioxide, Thorium .
Oxide, Thorium .
Thorium Oxide .
Thorium oxide (ThO2). A radiographic contrast agent that was used in the early 1930s through about 1954. High rates of mortality have been linked to its use and it has been shown to cause liver cancer. .
Thorium Compounds .
Compounds, Thorium .
Inorganic compounds that contain thorium as an integral part of the molecule. .
Thorax .
Thoraces .
Chests .
Thorace .
Chest .
The upper part of the trunk between the NECK and the ABDOMEN. It contains the chief organs of the circulatory and respiratory systems. (From Stedman, 25th ed) .