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 DeCS Categories

A08 Nervous System .
A08.800 Peripheral Nervous System .
A08.800.800 Peripheral Nerves .
A08.800.800.720 Spinal Nerves .
A08.800.800.720.450 Lumbosacral Plexus .
A08.800.800.720.450.760 Sciatic Nerve .
A08.800.800.720.450.760.820 Tibial Nerve .
C10 Nervous System Diseases .
C10.668 Neuromuscular Diseases .
C10.668.829 Peripheral Nervous System Diseases .
C10.668.829.500 Mononeuropathies .
C10.668.829.500.700 Tibial Neuropathy .
C10.668.829.500.700.800 Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome .
C10.668.829.550 Nerve Compression Syndromes .
C10.668.829.550.800 Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Tibial Nerve .
Medial Plantar Nerves .
Nerve, Medial Plantar .
Nerve, Posterior Tibial .
Nerve, Tibial .
Nerves, Medial Plantar .
Nerves, Posterior Tibial .
Nerves, Tibial .
Plantar Nerve, Medial .
Plantar Nerves, Medial .
Posterior Tibial Nerves .
Tibial Nerve, Posterior .
Tibial Nerves .
Tibial Nerves, Posterior .
Medial Plantar Nerve .
Posterior Tibial Nerve .
The medial terminal branch of the sciatic nerve. The tibial nerve fibers originate in lumbar and sacral spinal segments (L4 to S2). They supply motor and sensory innervation to parts of the calf and foot. .
Tibial Neuropathy .
Internal Popliteal Neuropathy .
Lateral Plantar Neuropathy .
Medial Plantar Nerve Disease .
Medial Popliteal Neuropathy .
Posterior Tibial Nerve Diseases .
Tibial Neuropathy, Post-Traumatic .
Internal Popliteal Neuropathies .
Lateral Plantar Neuropathies .
Medial Plantar Neuropathies .
Medial Popliteal Neuropathies .
Nerve Disease, Tibial .
Nerve Diseases, Tibial .
Neuropathies, Internal Popliteal .
Neuropathies, Lateral Plantar .
Neuropathies, Medial Plantar .
Neuropathies, Medial Popliteal .
Neuropathies, Posterior Tibial .
Neuropathies, Tibial .
Neuropathy, Internal Popliteal .
Neuropathy, Lateral Plantar .
Neuropathy, Medial Plantar .
Neuropathy, Medial Popliteal .
Neuropathy, Post-Traumatic Tibial .
Neuropathy, Posterior Tibial .
Neuropathy, Tibial .
Plantar Neuropathy, Lateral .
Plantar Neuropathy, Medial .
Popliteal Neuropathies, Internal .
Popliteal Neuropathies, Medial .
Popliteal Neuropathy, Internal .
Popliteal Neuropathy, Medial .
Post-Traumatic Tibial Neuropathies .
Post-Traumatic Tibial Neuropathy .
Posterior Tibial Neuropathies .
Tibial Nerve Disease .
Tibial Neuropathies .
Tibial Neuropathies, Post-Traumatic .
Tibial Neuropathies, Posterior .
Tibial Neuropathy, Post Traumatic .
Tibial Neuropathy, Posterior .
Medial Plantar Neuropathy .
Posterior Tibial Neuropathy .
Tibial Nerve Diseases .
Disease of the TIBIAL NERVE (also referred to as the posterior tibial nerve). The most commonly associated condition is the TARSAL TUNNEL SYNDROME. However, LEG INJURIES; ISCHEMIA; and inflammatory conditions (e.g., COLLAGEN DISEASES) may also affect the nerve. Clinical features include PARALYSIS of plantar flexion, ankle inversion and toe flexion as well as loss of sensation over the sole of the foot. (From Joynt, Clinical Neurology, 1995, Ch51, p32) .
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome .
Posterior Tibial Nerve Neuralgia .
Tarsal Tunnel Tibial Neuropathy .
Syndrome, Tarsal Tunnel .
Syndromes, Tarsal Tunnel .
Tarsal Tunnel Syndromes .
Tunnel Syndrome, Tarsal .
Tunnel Syndromes, Tarsal .
Entrapment Neuropathy, Tarsal Tunnel .
Tarsal Tunnel Entrapment Neuropathy .
Tibial Neuropathy, Tarsal Tunnel .
Entrapment of the distal branches of the posterior TIBIAL NERVE (which divides into the medial plantar, lateral plantar, and calcanial nerves) in the tarsal tunnel, which lies posterior to the internal malleolus and beneath the retinaculum of the flexor muscles of the foot. Symptoms include ankle pain radiating into the foot which tends to be aggravated by walking. Examination may reveal Tinel's sign (radiating pain following nerve percussion) over the tibial nerve at the ankle, weakness and atrophy of the small foot muscles, or loss of sensation in the foot. (From Foot Ankle 1990;11(1):47-52) .