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 DeCS Categories

B03 Bacteria .
B03.510 Gram-Positive Bacteria .
B03.510.024 Actinobacteria .
B03.510.024.049 Actinomycetales .
B03.510.024.049.050 Actinomycetaceae .
B03.510. Mobiluncus .
B03.510.024.400 Gardnerella .
B03.510.024.400.800 Gardnerella vaginalis .
B03.510.460 Gram-Positive Rods .
B03.510.460.400 Gram-Positive Asporogenous Rods .
B03.510.460.400.400 Gram-Positive Asporogenous Rods, Irregular .
B03.510.460.400.400.049 Actinobacteria .
B03.510.460.400.400.049.049 Actinomycetaceae .
B03.510.460.400.400.049.049.589 Mobiluncus .
C01 Bacterial Infections and Mycoses .
C01.252 Bacterial Infections .
C01.252.954 Vaginosis, Bacterial .
C13 Female Urogenital Diseases and Pregnancy Complications .
C13.351 Female Urogenital Diseases .
C13.351.500 Genital Diseases, Female .
C13.351.500.894 Vaginal Diseases .
C13.351.500.894.906 Vaginitis .
C13.351.500.894.906.800 Vaginosis, Bacterial .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Gardnerella vaginalis .
Corynebacterium vaginale .
Hemophilus vaginalis .
Haemophilus vaginalis .
A species in the genus GARDNERELLA previously classified as Haemophilus vaginalis. This bacterium, also isolated from the female genital tract of healthy women, is implicated in the cause of bacterial vaginosis (VAGINOSIS, BACTERIAL). .
Vaginosis, Bacterial .
Bacterial Vaginitides .
Bacterial Vaginitis .
Bacterial Vaginoses .
Vaginitides, Bacterial .
Vaginoses, Bacterial .
Nonspecific Vaginitis .
Bacterial Vaginosis .
Vaginitis, Bacterial .
Vaginitis, Nonspecific .
Polymicrobial, nonspecific vaginitis associated with positive cultures of Gardnerella vaginalis and other anaerobic organisms and a decrease in lactobacilli. It remains unclear whether the initial pathogenic event is caused by the growth of anaerobes or a primary decrease in lactobacilli. .
Gardnerella .
A genus of bacteria found in the human genital and urinary tract. It is considered to be a major cause of bacterial vaginosis (VAGINOSIS, BACTERIAL). .
Mobiluncus .
Mobiluncus curtisii .
Mobiluncus mulieris .
A genus of gram-negative, anaerobic, rod-shaped bacteria. Its organisms are found in the human vagina, particularly in association with Gardnerella vaginalis in cases of bacterial vaginosis. .