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 DeCS Categories

C07 Stomatognathic Diseases .
C07.465 Mouth Diseases .
C07.465.114 Burning Mouth Syndrome .
C10 Nervous System Diseases .
C10.597 Neurologic Manifestations .
C10.597.350 Dyskinesias .
C10.597.350.600 Psychomotor Agitation .
C10.597.606 Neurobehavioral Manifestations .
C10.597.606.881 Psychomotor Disorders .
C10.597.606.881.700 Psychomotor Agitation .
C18 Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases .
C18.452 Metabolic Diseases .
C18.452.915 Wasting Syndrome .
C18.654 Nutrition Disorders .
C18.654.940 Wasting Syndrome .
C23 Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms .
C23.550 Pathologic Processes .
C23.550.470 Inflammation .
C23.888 Signs and Symptoms .
C23.888.592 Neurologic Manifestations .
C23.888.592.350 Dyskinesias .
C23.888.592.350.600 Psychomotor Agitation .
C23.888.592.604 Neurobehavioral Manifestations .
C23.888.592.604.882 Psychomotor Disorders .
C23.888.592.604.882.700 Psychomotor Agitation .
C26 Wounds and Injuries .
C26.844 Sprains and Strains .
C26.844.150 Cumulative Trauma Disorders .
D27 Chemical Actions and Uses .
D27.505 Pharmacologic Actions .
D27.505.696 Physiological Effects of Drugs .
D27.505.696.277 Central Nervous System Depressants .
D27.505.696.277.100 Anesthetics .
D27.505.954 Therapeutic Uses .
D27.505.954.427 Central Nervous System Agents .
D27.505.954.427.210 Central Nervous System Depressants .
D27.505.954.427.210.100 Anesthetics .
E02 Therapeutics .
E02.760 Patient Care .
E02.760.169 Continuity of Patient Care .
E02.760.169.063 Aftercare .
E02.760.169.063.500 Rehabilitation .
E02.760.169.063.500.335 Early Ambulation .
E02.760.169.063.500.387 Exercise Therapy .
E02.779 Physical Therapy Modalities .
E02.779.483 Exercise Therapy .
E02.831 Rehabilitation .
E02.831.335 Early Ambulation .
E02.831.535 Physical Therapy Modalities .
E02.831.535.483 Exercise Therapy .
E03 Anesthesia and Analgesia .
E03.155 Anesthesia .
F01 Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms .
F01.700 Neurobehavioral Manifestations .
F01.700.875 Psychomotor Disorders .
F01.700.875.700 Psychomotor Agitation .
N03 Health Care Economics and Organizations .
N03.219 Economics .
N03.219.151 Costs and Cost Analysis .
N03.219.151.400 Health Care Costs .
N03.219.151.400.350 Drug Costs .
N05 Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation .
N05.300 Delivery of Health Care .
N05.300.375 Health Care Costs .
N05.300.375.300 Drug Costs .
VS4 Environmental Health Surveillance .
VS4.002 Surveillance of the Workers Health .
VS4.002.001 Occupational Health .
VS4.002.001.002 Occupational Medicine .
VS4. Occupational Diseases .
VS4. Cumulative Trauma Disorders .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Anesthesia .
A state characterized by loss of feeling or sensation. This depression of nerve function is usually the result of pharmacologic action and is induced to allow performance of surgery or other painful procedures. .
Inflammation .
Inflammations .
A pathological process characterized by injury or destruction of tissues caused by a variety of cytologic and chemical reactions. It is usually manifested by typical signs of pain, heat, redness, swelling, and loss of function. .
Cumulative Trauma Disorders .
Injury, Repetition Strain .
Overuse Injury .
Repetitive Motion Disorders .
Repetitive Strain Injury .
Repetitive Stress Injury .
Strain Injury, Repetition .
Cumulative Trauma Disorder .
Disorder, Cumulative Trauma .
Disorder, Repetitive Motion .
Disorders, Cumulative Trauma .
Disorders, Repetitive Motion .
Injuries, Overuse .
Injuries, Repetition Strain .
Injuries, Repetitive Strain .
Injuries, Repetitive Stress .
Injury, Overuse .
Injury, Repetitive Strain .
Injury, Repetitive Stress .
Motion Disorder, Repetitive .
Motion Disorders, Repetitive .
Overuse Injuries .
Overuse Syndromes .
Repetition Strain Injuries .
Repetitive Motion Disorder .
Repetitive Strain Injuries .
Repetitive Stress Injuries .
Strain Injuries, Repetition .
Strain Injuries, Repetitive .
Strain Injury, Repetitive .
Stress Injuries, Repetitive .
Stress Injury, Repetitive .
Trauma Disorder, Cumulative .
Trauma Disorders, Cumulative .
Repetition Strain Injury .
Overuse Syndrome .
Harmful and painful condition caused by overuse or overexertion of some part of the musculoskeletal system, often resulting from work-related physical activities. It is characterized by inflammation, pain, or dysfunction of the involved joints, bones, ligaments, and nerves. .
Anesthetics .
Anesthetic Agents .
Anesthetic Drugs .
Anesthetic Effect .
Anesthetic Effects .
Agents, Anesthetic .
Drugs, Anesthetic .
Effect, Anesthetic .
Effects, Anesthetic .
Agents that are capable of inducing a total or partial loss of sensation, especially tactile sensation and pain. They may act to induce general ANESTHESIA, in which an unconscious state is achieved, or may act locally to induce numbness or lack of sensation at a targeted site. .
Burning Mouth Syndrome .
Burning Mouth Syndromes .
Mouth Syndrome, Burning .
Mouth Syndromes, Burning .
Syndrome, Burning Mouth .
Syndromes, Burning Mouth .
A group of painful oral symptoms associated with a burning or similar sensation. There is usually a significant organic component with a degree of functional overlay; it is not limited to the psychophysiologic group of disorders. .
Exercise Therapy .
Rehabilitation Exercise .
Remedial Exercise .
Therapy, Exercise .
Exercise Therapies .
Exercise, Rehabilitation .
Exercise, Remedial .
Exercises, Rehabilitation .
Exercises, Remedial .
Rehabilitation Exercises .
Remedial Exercises .
Therapies, Exercise .
A regimen or plan of physical activities designed and prescribed for specific therapeutic goals. Its purpose is to restore normal musculoskeletal function or to reduce pain caused by diseases or injuries. .
Early Ambulation .
Accelerated Ambulation .
Ambulation, Accelerated .
Mobilization, Early .
Ambulation, Early .
Early Mobilization .
Procedure to accelerate the ability of a patient to walk or move about by reducing the time to AMBULATION. It is characterized by a shorter period of hospitalization or recumbency than is normally practiced. .
Drug Costs .
Cost, Drug .
Costs, Drug .
Drug Cost .
Expenditures, Drugs .
The amount that a health care institution or organization pays for its drugs. It is one component of the final price that is charged to the consumer (FEES, PHARMACEUTICAL or PRESCRIPTION FEES). .
Wasting Syndrome .
Wasting Diseases .
Wasting Syndromes .
Wasting Disease .
A condition of involuntary weight loss of greater then 10% of baseline body weight. It is characterized by atrophy of muscles and depletion of lean body mass. Wasting is a sign of MALNUTRITION as a result of inadequate dietary intake, malabsorption, or hypermetabolism. .
Psychomotor Agitation .
Psychomotor Hyperactivity .
Psychomotor Restlessness .
Hyperactivity, Psychomotor .
Psychomotor Excitement .
Restlessness, Psychomotor .
Agitation, Psychomotor .
Excitement, Psychomotor .
Restlessness .
Akathisia .
A feeling of restlessness associated with increased motor activity. This may occur as a manifestation of nervous system drug toxicity or other conditions. .