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 DeCS Categories

C10 Nervous System Diseases .
C10.228 Central Nervous System Diseases .
C10.228.140 Brain Diseases .
C10.228.140.163 Brain Diseases, Metabolic .
C10. Brain Diseases, Metabolic, Inborn .
C10. Lysosomal Storage Diseases, Nervous System .
C10. Sphingolipidoses .
C10. Gangliosidoses .
C10. Gangliosidoses, GM2 .
C16 Congenital, Hereditary, and Neonatal Diseases and Abnormalities .
C16.320 Genetic Diseases, Inborn .
C16.320.565 Metabolism, Inborn Errors .
C16.320.565.189 Brain Diseases, Metabolic, Inborn .
C16.320.565.189.435 Lysosomal Storage Diseases, Nervous System .
C16.320.565.189.435.825 Sphingolipidoses .
C16.320.565.189.435.825.300 Gangliosidoses .
C16.320.565.189.435.825.300.300 Gangliosidoses, GM2 .
C16.320.565.398 Lipid Metabolism, Inborn Errors .
C16.320.565.398.641 Lipidoses .
C16.320.565.398.641.803 Sphingolipidoses .
C16.320.565.398.641.803.350 Gangliosidoses .
C16.320.565.398.641.803.350.300 Gangliosidoses, GM2 .
C16.320.565.595 Lysosomal Storage Diseases .
C16.320.565.595.554 Lysosomal Storage Diseases, Nervous System .
C16.320.565.595.554.825 Sphingolipidoses .
C16.320.565.595.554.825.300 Gangliosidoses .
C16.320.565.595.554.825.300.300 Gangliosidoses, GM2 .
C18 Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases .
C18.452 Metabolic Diseases .
C18.452.132 Brain Diseases, Metabolic .
C18.452.132.100 Brain Diseases, Metabolic, Inborn .
C18.452.132.100.435 Lysosomal Storage Diseases, Nervous System .
C18.452.132.100.435.825 Sphingolipidoses .
C18.452.132.100.435.825.300 Gangliosidoses .
C18.452.132.100.435.825.300.300 Gangliosidoses, GM2 .
C18.452.584 Lipid Metabolism Disorders .
C18.452.584.687 Lipidoses .
C18.452.584.687.803 Sphingolipidoses .
C18.452.584.687.803.350 Gangliosidoses .
C18.452.584.687.803.350.300 Gangliosidoses, GM2 .
C18.452.648 Metabolism, Inborn Errors .
C18.452.648.189 Brain Diseases, Metabolic, Inborn .
C18.452.648.189.435 Lysosomal Storage Diseases, Nervous System .
C18.452.648.189.435.825 Sphingolipidoses .
C18.452.648.189.435.825.300 Gangliosidoses .
C18.452.648.189.435.825.300.300 Gangliosidoses, GM2 .
C18.452.648.398 Lipid Metabolism, Inborn Errors .
C18.452.648.398.641 Lipidoses .
C18.452.648.398.641.803 Sphingolipidoses .
C18.452.648.398.641.803.350 Gangliosidoses .
C18.452.648.398.641.803.350.300 Gangliosidoses, GM2 .
C18.452.648.595 Lysosomal Storage Diseases .
C18.452.648.595.554 Lysosomal Storage Diseases, Nervous System .
C18.452.648.595.554.825 Sphingolipidoses .
C18.452.648.595.554.825.300 Gangliosidoses .
C18.452.648.595.554.825.300.300 Gangliosidoses, GM2 .
D09 Carbohydrates .
D09.400 Glycoconjugates .
D09.400.410 Glycolipids .
D09.400.410.420 Glycosphingolipids .
D09.400.410.420.025 Acidic Glycosphingolipids .
D09.400.410.420.025.475 Gangliosides .
D10 Lipids .
D10.390 Glycolipids .
D10.390.470 Glycosphingolipids .
D10.390.470.025 Acidic Glycosphingolipids .
D10.390.470.025.475 Gangliosides .
D10.570 Membrane Lipids .
D10.570.877 Sphingolipids .
D10.570.877.360 Glycosphingolipids .
D10.570.877.360.025 Acidic Glycosphingolipids .
D10.570.877.360.025.475 Gangliosides .
E02 Therapeutics .
E02.190 Complementary Therapies .
E02.190.506 Mesotherapy .
E02.218 Cosmetic Techniques .
E02.218.660 Mesotherapy .
E02.319 Drug Therapy .
E02.319.267 Drug Administration Routes .
E02.319.267.530 Injections .
E02.319.267.530.620 Injections, Subcutaneous .
E02.319.267.530.620.785 Mesotherapy .
N03 Health Care Economics and Organizations .
N03.219 Economics .
N03.219.521 Financing, Organized .
N03.219.521.576 Insurance .
N03.219.521.576.343 Insurance, Health .
N03.219.521.576.343.925 Prepaid Health Plans .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Gangliosides .
Sialoglycosphingolipids .
A subclass of ACIDIC GLYCOSPHINGOLIPIDS. They contain one or more sialic acid (N-ACETYLNEURAMINIC ACID) residues. Using the Svennerholm system of abbrevations, gangliosides are designated G for ganglioside, plus subscript M, D, or T for mono-, di-, or trisialo, respectively, the subscript letter being followed by a subscript arabic numeral to indicated sequence of migration in thin-layer chromatograms. (From Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 1997) .
Gangliosidoses, GM2 .
GM2 Gangliosidosis .
Gangliosidoses GM2 .
GM2 Gangliosidose .
GM2 Gangliosidoses .
GM2, Gangliosidoses .
Gangliosidose, GM2 .
Gangliosidosis, GM2 .
G(M2) Gangliosidoses .
A group of recessively inherited diseases characterized by the intralysosomal accumulation of G(M2) GANGLIOSIDE in the neuronal cells. Subtypes include mutations of enzymes in the BETA-N-ACETYLHEXOSAMINIDASES system or G(M2) ACTIVATOR PROTEIN leading to disruption of normal degradation of GANGLIOSIDES, a subclass of ACIDIC GLYCOSPHINGOLIPIDS. .
Mesotherapy .
The application of medicine, vitamins, extracts, or other bioactive substances for a localized effect via multiple subcutaneous injections or perfusion of substances into the various layers of the skin below the EPIDERMIS. .
Prepaid Health Plans .
Health Plan, Prepaid .
Plan, Prepaid Health .
Plans, Prepaid Health .
Prepaid Health Plan .
Health Plans, Prepaid .
Contracts between an insurer and a subscriber or a group of subscribers whereby a specified set of health benefits is provided in return for a periodic premium. .