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 DeCS Categories

A05 Urogenital System .
A05.360 Genitalia .
A05.360.444 Genitalia, Male .
A05.360.444.661 Scrotum .
C01 Bacterial Infections and Mycoses .
C01.252 Bacterial Infections .
C01.252.377 Fournier Gangrene .
C01.539 Infection .
C01.539.160 Bone Diseases, Infectious .
C01.539.160.595 Periostitis .
C01.539.830 Suppuration .
C01.539.830.025 Abscess .
C01.539.830.025.665 Periodontal Abscess .
C05 Musculoskeletal Diseases .
C05.116 Bone Diseases .
C05.116.165 Bone Diseases, Infectious .
C05.116.165.595 Periostitis .
C07 Stomatognathic Diseases .
C07.465 Mouth Diseases .
C07.465.714 Periodontal Diseases .
C07.465.714.533 Periodontitis .
C07.465.714.533.650 Periodontal Abscess .
C12 Male Urogenital Diseases .
C12.294 Genital Diseases, Male .
C12.294.229 Fournier Gangrene .
C23 Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms .
C23.550 Pathologic Processes .
C23.550.717 Necrosis .
C23.550.717.427 Gangrene .
D02 Organic Chemicals .
D02.065 Amides .
D02.065.589 Lactams .
D02.065.589.099 beta-Lactams .
D02.065.589.099.750 Penicillins .
D02.065.589.099.750.750 Penicillin G .
D02.886 Sulfur Compounds .
D02.886.108 beta-Lactams .
D02.886.108.750 Penicillins .
D02.886.108.750.750 Penicillin G .
D03 Heterocyclic Compounds .
D03.633 Heterocyclic Compounds, Fused-Ring .
D03.633.100 Heterocyclic Compounds, 2-Ring .
D03.633.100.300 beta-Lactams .
D03.633.100.300.750 Penicillins .
D03.633.100.300.750.750 Penicillin G .
E04 Surgical Procedures, Operative .
E04.545 Oral Surgical Procedures .
E04.545.550 Oral Surgical Procedures, Preprosthetic .
E04.545.550.280 Dental Implantation .
E04.650 Prosthesis Implantation .
E04.650.230 Dental Implantation .
E06 Dentistry .
E06.645 Oral Surgical Procedures .
E06.645.550 Oral Surgical Procedures, Preprosthetic .
E06.645.550.280 Dental Implantation .
E06.780 Prosthodontics .
E06.780.314 Dental Implantation .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Fournier Gangrene .
Fournier's Disease .
Fourniers Disease .
Fourniers Gangrene .
Gangrene, Fournier .
Gangrene, Fournier's .
Fournier Disease .
Fournier's Gangrene .
An acute necrotic infection of the SCROTUM; PENIS; or PERINEUM. It is characterized by scrotum pain and redness with rapid progression to gangrene and sloughing of tissue. Fournier gangrene is usually secondary to perirectal or periurethral infections associated with local trauma, operative procedures, or urinary tract disease. .
Scrotum .
Scrotums .
A cutaneous pouch of skin containing the testicles and spermatic cords. .
Periodontal Abscess .
Abscesses, Periodontal .
Periodontal Abscesses .
Abscess, Periodontal .
Localized circumscribed purulent area of inflammation in the periodontal tissue. It is a derivative of marginal periodontitis and commonly associated with suprabony and infrabony pockets and interradicular involvements, in contrast to periapical abscess which is attributable to pulp necrosis. .
Dental Implantation .
Implantation, Dental .
Implantation, Dental Prosthesis .
Prosthesis Implantation, Dental .
Dental Prosthesis Implantations .
Implantations, Dental Prosthesis .
Prosthesis Implantations, Dental .
Dental Prosthesis Implantation .
The grafting or inserting of a prosthetic device of alloplastic material into the oral tissue beneath the mucosal or periosteal layer or within the bone. Its purpose is to provide support and retention to a partial or complete denture. .
Penicillin G .
Benpen .
Benzylpenicillin Potassium .
Coliriocilina .
Crystapen .
Or-pen .
Parcillin .
Pekamin .
Pengesod .
Penibiot .
Penicilina G Llorente .
Penicillin G Jenapharm .
Penicillin G Potassium .
Penicillin G Sodium .
Penicillin Grünenthal .
Penilevel .
Peniroger .
Pfizerpen .
Sodiopen .
Sodipen .
Sodium Benzylpenicillin .
Sodium Penicillin .
Unicilina .
Ursopen .
Van-Pen-G .
Benzylpenicillin .
A penicillin derivative commonly used in the form of its sodium or potassium salts in the treatment of a variety of infections. It is effective against most gram-positive bacteria and against gram-negative cocci. It has also been used as an experimental convulsant because of its actions on GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID mediated synaptic transmission. .
Gangrene .
Gangrenes .
Death and putrefaction of tissue usually due to a loss of blood supply. .
Periostitis .
Periostitides .
Inflammation of the periosteum. The condition is generally chronic, and is marked by tenderness and swelling of the bone and an aching pain. Acute periostitis is due to infection, is characterized by diffuse suppuration, severe pain, and constitutional symptoms, and usually results in necrosis. (Dorland, 27th ed) .