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 DeCS Categories

E02 Therapeutics .
E02.183 Clinical Protocols .
E02.183.750 Antineoplastic Protocols .
E02.183.750.500 Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols .
E02.319 Drug Therapy .
E02.319.077 Antineoplastic Protocols .
E02.319.077.500 Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols .
E02.319.267 Drug Administration Routes .
E02.319.267.200 Chemotherapy, Cancer, Regional Perfusion .
E02.319.310 Drug Therapy, Combination .
E02.319.310.037 Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols .
E04 Surgical Procedures, Operative .
E04.292 Extracorporeal Circulation .
E04.292.425 Chemotherapy, Cancer, Regional Perfusion .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols .
Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Regimens .
Combined Antineoplastic Agents .
Agent, Combined Antineoplastic .
Agents, Combined Antineoplastic .
Anticancer Drug Combination .
Antineoplastic Agent, Combined .
Antineoplastic Chemotherapy Protocol .
Antineoplastic Drug Combination .
Cancer Chemotherapy Protocol .
Chemotherapy Protocol, Antineoplastic .
Chemotherapy Protocol, Cancer .
Chemotherapy Protocols, Cancer .
Combinations, Antineoplastic Drug .
Combined Antineoplastic Agent .
Drug Combination, Anticancer .
Drug Combination, Antineoplastic .
Drug Combinations, Anticancer .
Protocol, Antineoplastic Chemotherapy .
Protocol, Cancer Chemotherapy .
Protocols, Antineoplastic Chemotherapy .
Protocols, Cancer Chemotherapy .
Anticancer Drug Combinations .
Antineoplastic Agents, Combined .
Antineoplastic Chemotherapy Protocols .
Antineoplastic Drug Combinations .
Cancer Chemotherapy Protocols .
Chemotherapy Protocols, Antineoplastic .
Drug Combinations, Antineoplastic .
The use of two or more chemicals simultaneously or sequentially in the drug therapy of neoplasms. The drugs need not be in the same dosage form. .
Chemotherapy, Cancer, Regional Perfusion .
Isolation Perfusion Cancer Chemotherapy .
Regional Perfusion Cancer Chemotherapy .
Cancer Chemotherapy, Regional Perfusion .
Perfusion Cancer Chemotherapy, Regional .
Regional Perfusion Antineoplastic Chemotherapy .
Chemotherapy, Cancer, Perfusion, Regional .
Perfusion, Regional .
Isolation Perfusion Therapy .
Regional Perfusion .
Neoplasm drug therapy involving an extracorporeal circuit with temporary exclusion of the tumor-bearing area from the general circulation during which high concentrations of the drug are perfused to the isolated part. .