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 DeCS Categories

D12 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins .
D12.776 Proteins .
D12.776.124 Blood Proteins .
D12.776.124.050 Acute-Phase Proteins .
D12.776.124.050.140 Complement C3 .
D12.776.124.486 Immunoproteins .
D12.776.124.486.274 Complement System Proteins .
D12.776.124.486.274.150 Complement C2 .
D12.776.124.486.274.150.500 Complement C2a .
D12.776.124.486.274.250 Complement C3 .
D12.776.124.486.274.930 Complement Membrane Attack Complex .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Complement C2 .
C2 Complement .
Complement 2 .
Complement Component 2 .
C2, Complement .
Complement, C2 .
Component 2, Complement .
Complement 2 .
A component of the CLASSICAL COMPLEMENT PATHWAY. C2 is cleaved by activated COMPLEMENT C1S into COMPLEMENT C2B and COMPLEMENT C2A. C2a, the COOH-terminal fragment containing a SERINE PROTEASE, combines with COMPLEMENT C4B to form C4b2a (CLASSICAL PATHWAY C3 CONVERTASE) and subsequent C4b2a3b (CLASSICAL PATHWAY C5 CONVERTASE). .
Complement C2a .
C2a Complement .
Complement 2a .
Complement C2 Fragment a .
Complement C2a Fragment .
C2a Fragment, Complement .
C2a, Complement .
Complement, C2a .
The COOH-terminal fragment of COMPLEMENT 2, released by the action of activated COMPLEMENT C1S. It is a SERINE PROTEASE. C2a combines with COMPLEMENT C4B to form C4b2a (CLASSICAL PATHWAY C3 CONVERTASE) and subsequent C4b2a3b (CLASSICAL PATHWAY C5 CONVERTASE). .
Complement System Proteins .
Complement .
Complement Protein .
Hemolytic Complement .
Complement, Hemolytic .
Protein, Complement .
Proteins, Complement .
Proteins, Complement System .
Complement Proteins .
Serum glycoproteins participating in the host defense mechanism of COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION that creates the COMPLEMENT MEMBRANE ATTACK COMPLEX. Included are glycoproteins in the various pathways of complement activation (CLASSICAL COMPLEMENT PATHWAY; ALTERNATIVE COMPLEMENT PATHWAY; and LECTIN COMPLEMENT PATHWAY). .
Complement Membrane Attack Complex .
C 5b-9 .
C5b-8-poly-C9 .
C5b-9 .
Cytolytic Terminal Complement Complex .
Terminal Complement Complex .
C5b 8 poly C9 .
Complement Complex C5b 9 .
Complement Complex, Terminal .
Complex, Terminal Complement .
Membrane Attack Complex .
Complement Complex C5b-9 .
A product of COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION cascade, regardless of the pathways, that forms transmembrane channels causing disruption of the target CELL MEMBRANE and cell lysis. It is formed by the sequential assembly of terminal complement components (COMPLEMENT C5B; COMPLEMENT C6; COMPLEMENT C7; COMPLEMENT C8; and COMPLEMENT C9) into the target membrane. The resultant C5b-8-poly-C9 is the "membrane attack complex" or MAC. .
Complement C3 .
C3 Complement .
C3 Precursor .
Complement 3 .
Complement C3 Precursor .
Complement Component 3 .
Precursor-Complement 3 .
Pro-C3 .
Pro-Complement 3 .
C3 Precursor, Complement .
C3, Complement .
Complement, C3 .
Component 3, Complement .
Precursor Complement 3 .
Precursor, C3 .
Precursor, Complement C3 .
Pro C3 .
Pro Complement 3 .
Complement 3 .
A glycoprotein that is central in both the classical and the alternative pathway of COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION. C3 can be cleaved into COMPLEMENT C3A and COMPLEMENT C3B, spontaneously at low level or by C3 CONVERTASE at high level. The smaller fragment C3a is an ANAPHYLATOXIN and mediator of local inflammatory process. The larger fragment C3b binds with C3 convertase to form C5 convertase. .