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 DeCS Categories

D12 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins .
D12.644 Peptides .
D12.644.276 Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins .
D12.644.276.200 CCN Intercellular Signaling Proteins .
D12.644.276.200.200 Cysteine-Rich Protein 61 .
D12.644.276.200.500 Nephroblastoma Overexpressed Protein .
D12.776 Proteins .
D12.776.467 Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins .
D12.776.467.200 CCN Intercellular Signaling Proteins .
D12.776.467.200.200 Cysteine-Rich Protein 61 .
D12.776.467.200.500 Nephroblastoma Overexpressed Protein .
D12.776.660 Nuclear Proteins .
D12.776.660.650 Nuclear Matrix-Associated Proteins .
D12.776.860 Scleroproteins .
D12.776.860.300 Extracellular Matrix Proteins .
D12.776.860.300.200 CCN Intercellular Signaling Proteins .
D12.776.860.300.200.200 Cysteine-Rich Protein 61 .
D12.776.860.300.200.500 Nephroblastoma Overexpressed Protein .
D12.776.860.300.700 Matrilin Proteins .
D23 Biological Factors .
D23.101 Biomarkers .
D23.101.140 Biomarkers, Tumor .
D23.101.140.450 Nephroblastoma Overexpressed Protein .
D23.529 Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins .
D23.529.237 CCN Intercellular Signaling Proteins .
D23.529.237.200 Cysteine-Rich Protein 61 .
D23.529.237.600 Nephroblastoma Overexpressed Protein .
 Synonyms & Historicals
CCN Intercellular Signaling Proteins .
CCN Family Proteins .
CYR61 CTGF NOV Matricellular Proteins .
Matricellular CCN Proteins .
A family of secreted proteins found associated with the EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX and cell surface receptors. They are believed to play a role in modulating the effects of a variety of GROWTH FACTORS and PROTEASES at the cell membrane extracellular matrix. The CCN protein family is named after three protypical members; CYSTEINE-RICH PROTEIN 61; CONNECTIVE TISSUE GROWTH FACTOR; and NEPHROBLASTOMA OVEREXPRESSED PROTEIN. .
Cysteine-Rich Protein 61 .
CCN1 Protein .
CYR61 Protein .
IGFBP10 Protein .
Cysteine Rich Protein 61 .
A CCN protein family member that regulates a variety of extracellular functions including CELL ADHESION; CELL MIGRATION; and EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX synthesis. It may play an important role in the development of branched CAPILLARIES during EMBRYOGENESIS. .
Extracellular Matrix Proteins .
Matrix Proteins, Extracellular .
Proteins, Extracellular Matrix .
Macromolecular organic compounds that contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and usually, sulfur. These macromolecules (proteins) form an intricate meshwork in which cells are embedded to construct tissues. Variations in the relative types of macromolecules and their organization determine the type of extracellular matrix, each adapted to the functional requirements of the tissue. The two main classes of macromolecules that form the extracellular matrix are: glycosaminoglycans, usually linked to proteins (proteoglycans), and fibrous proteins (e.g., COLLAGEN; ELASTIN; FIBRONECTINS; and LAMININ). .
Matrilin Proteins .
Cartilage Matrix Glycoprotein .
Cartilage Matrix Protein .
Cartilage Matrix Proteins .
MATN1 Protein .
MATN2 Protein .
MATN3 Protein .
MATN4 Protein .
Matrilin 1 .
Matrilin 2 .
Matrilin 3 .
Matrilin 4 .
Matrilin-1 .
Matrilin-2 .
Matrilin-3 .
Matrilin-4 .
Matrilins .
Glycoprotein, Cartilage Matrix .
Matrix Glycoprotein, Cartilage .
Matrix Protein, Cartilage .
Matrix Proteins, Cartilage .
Protein, Cartilage Matrix .
Protein, MATN1 .
Protein, MATN2 .
Protein, MATN3 .
Protein, MATN4 .
Proteins, Cartilage Matrix .
Proteins, Matrilin .
PROTEOGLYCANS-associated proteins that are major components of EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX of various tissues including CARTILAGE; and INTERVERTEBRAL DISC structures. They bind COLLAGEN fibers and contain protein domains that enable oligomer formation and interaction with other extracellular matrix proteins such as CARTILAGE OLIGOMERIC MATRIX PROTEIN. .
Nuclear Matrix-Associated Proteins .
Nuclear Matrix Binding Proteins .
Nuclear Scaffold Proteins .
Protein, Nuclear Scaffold .
Matrix Proteins, Nuclear .
Matrix-Associated Proteins, Nuclear .
Nuclear Matrix Associated Proteins .
Nuclear Scaffold Protein .
Scaffold Protein, Nuclear .
Scaffold Proteins, Nuclear .
Nuclear Matrix Proteins .
A broad category of nuclear proteins that are components of or participate in the formation of the NUCLEAR MATRIX. .
Nephroblastoma Overexpressed Protein .
CCN3 Protein .
IGFBP9 Protein .
NOVH Protein .
Nephroblastoma Overexpressed Gene Product .
A CCN protein family member found at high levels in NEPHROBLASTOMA cells. It is found both intracellularly and in the EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX and may play a role in the regulation of CELL PROLIFERATION and EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX synthesis. .