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 DeCS Categories

D02 Organic Chemicals .
D02.092 Amines .
D02.092.877 Quaternary Ammonium Compounds .
D02.092.877.096 Benzylammonium Compounds .
D02.092.877.096.019 Ambenonium Chloride .
D02.092.877.648 Oxyphenonium .
D02.675 Onium Compounds .
D02.675.276 Quaternary Ammonium Compounds .
D02.675.276.046 Ambenonium Chloride .
D02.675.276.648 Oxyphenonium .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Oxyphenonium .
2-((Cyclohexylhydroxyphenylacetyl)oxy)-N,N-diethyl-N-methylethanaminium .
Atrenyl .
Metacin .
Methacin .
Oxyphenon .
Oxyphenonium Bromide, (+)-Isomer .
Oxyphenonium Bromide, (+-)-Isomer .
Oxyphenonium Bromide, (-)-Isomer .
Oxyphenonium Iodide, (R)-Isomer .
Oxyphenonium Iodide, (S)-Isomer .
Oxyphenonium, (+-)-Isomer .
Oxyphenonium, (R)-Isomer .
Oxyphenonium, (S)-Isomer .
Spastrex .
Bromide, Oxyphenonium .
Chloride, Oxyphenonium .
Iodide, Oxyphenonium .
Oxyphenonium Bromide .
Oxyphenonium Chloride .
Oxyphenonium Iodide .
A quaternary ammonium anticholinergic agent with peripheral side effects similar to those of ATROPINE. It is used as an adjunct in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcer, and to relieve visceral spasms. The drug has also been used in the form of eye drops for mydriatic effect. .
Ambenonium Chloride .
Mytelase .
Chloride, Ambenonium .
A quaternary ammonium compound that is an inhibitor of cholinesterase activity with actions similar to those of NEOSTIGMINE, but of longer duration. Ambenonium is given by mouth in the treatment of myasthenia gravis. (From Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 30th ed, p1112) .