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 DeCS Categories

D02 Organic Chemicals .
D02.033 Alcohols .
D02.033.455 Glycols .
D02.033.455.250 Ethylene Glycols .
D02.033.455.250.268 Ethylene Glycol .
D02.033.800 Sugar Alcohols .
D02.033.800.875 Triose Sugar Alcohols .
D02.033.800.875.875 Glyceryl Ethers .
D02.033.800.875.875.750 Phospholipid Ethers .
D02.241 Carboxylic Acids .
D02.241.081 Acids, Acyclic .
D02.241.081.018 Acetates .
D02. Glycolates .
D02.241.511 Hydroxy Acids .
D02.241.511.316 Glycolates .
D02.355 Ethers .
D02.355.460 Glyceryl Ethers .
D02.355.460.750 Phospholipid Ethers .
D10 Lipids .
D10.570 Membrane Lipids .
D10.570.755 Phospholipids .
D10.570.755.375 Glycerophosphates .
D10.570.755.375.760 Phosphatidic Acids .
D10.570.755.375.760.400 Glycerophospholipids .
D10.570.755.375.760.400.985 Phospholipid Ethers .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Glycolates .
2-Hydroxyacetates .
Glycolate Ethers .
Hydroxyacetate Ethers .
Hydroxyacetates .
Hydroxyacetic Acids .
2 Hydroxyacetates .
Acids, Hydroxyacetic .
Ethers, Glycolate .
Ethers, Hydroxyacetate .
Derivatives of ACETIC ACID which contain an hydroxy group attached to the methyl carbon. .
Glyceryl Ethers .
Ethers, Alkyl Glyceryl .
Ethers, Glycerol .
Ethers, Glyceryl .
Glyceryl Ethers, Alkyl .
Alkyl Glyceryl Ethers .
Glycerol Ethers .
Compounds in which one or more of the three hydroxyl groups of glycerol are in ethereal linkage with a saturated or unsaturated aliphatic alcohol; one or two of the hydroxyl groups of glycerol may be esterified. These compounds have been found in various animal tissue. .
Ethylene Glycol .
1,2-Ethanediol .
2-Hydroxyethanol .
Monoethylene Glycol .
1,2 Ethanediol .
2 Hydroxyethanol .
Glycol, Ethylene .
Glycol, Monoethylene .
A colorless, odorless, viscous dihydroxy alcohol. It has a sweet taste, but is poisonous if ingested. Ethylene glycol is the most important glycol commercially available and is manufactured on a large scale in the United States. It is used as an antifreeze and coolant, in hydraulic fluids, and in the manufacture of low-freezing dynamites and resins. .
Ethylene Glycols .
Glycols, Ethylene .
Dihydroxyethanes .
Ethanediols .
An ethylene compound with two hydroxy groups (-OH) located on adjacent carbons. They are viscous and colorless liquids. Some are used as anesthetics or hypnotics. However, the class is best known for their use as a coolant or antifreeze. .
Phospholipid Ethers .
1-Alkyl-2-Acylphosphatidates .
1 Alkyl 2 Acylphosphatidates .
Ethers, Glycerol Phosphate .
Ethers, Glycerophosphate .
Ethers, Phospholipid .
Phosphate Ethers, Glycerol .
Phosphatidates, Ether .
Phospholipids, Ether .
Ether Phosphatidates .
Ether Phospholipids .
Glycerophosphate Ethers .
Glycerol Phosphate Ethers .
Phospholipids which have an alcohol moiety in ethereal linkage with a saturated or unsaturated aliphatic alcohol. They are usually derivatives of phosphoglycerols or phosphatidates. The other two alcohol groups of the glycerol backbone are usually in ester linkage. These compounds are widely distributed in animal tissues. .