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 DeCS Categories

D12 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins .
D12.776 Proteins .
D12.776.395 Glycoproteins .
D12.776.395.550 Membrane Glycoproteins .
D12.776.395.550.200 Cell Adhesion Molecules .
D12.776.395.550.200.625 Receptors, Lymphocyte Homing .
D12.776.395.550.200.625.347 Integrin alpha4beta1 .
D12.776.395.550.625 Platelet Membrane Glycoproteins .
D12.776.395.550.625.379 Integrin alpha5beta1 .
D12.776.395.550.625.419 Integrin alpha6beta1 .
D12.776.543 Membrane Proteins .
D12.776.543.550 Membrane Glycoproteins .
D12.776.543.550.200 Cell Adhesion Molecules .
D12.776.543.550.200.625 Receptors, Lymphocyte Homing .
D12.776.543.550.200.625.347 Integrin alpha4beta1 .
D12.776.543.550.625 Platelet Membrane Glycoproteins .
D12.776.543.550.625.379 Integrin alpha5beta1 .
D12.776.543.550.625.419 Integrin alpha6beta1 .
D12.776.543.750 Receptors, Cell Surface .
D12.776.543.750.685 Receptors, Collagen .
D12.776.543.750.685.100 Integrin alpha1beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.685.300 Integrin alpha3beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.705 Receptors, Immunologic .
D12.776.543.750.705.408 Integrins .
D12.776.543.750.705.408.100 Integrin alpha Chains .
D12.776.543.750.705.408.100.300 Integrin alpha1 .
D12.776.543.750.705.408.530 Receptors, Fibronectin .
D12.776.543.750.705.408.530.500 Integrin alpha4beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.705.408.530.750 Integrin alpha5beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.705.408.850 Receptors, Very Late Antigen .
D12.776.543.750.705.408.850.099 Integrin alpha1beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.705.408.850.249 Integrin alpha3beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.705.408.850.299 Integrin alpha4beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.705.408.850.349 Integrin alpha5beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.705.408.850.674 Integrin alpha6beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.705.675 Platelet Membrane Glycoproteins .
D12.776.543.750.705.675.460 Integrin alpha5beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.705.675.514 Integrin alpha6beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.705.876 Receptors, Laminin .
D12.776.543.750.705.876.249 Integrin alpha1beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.705.876.311 Integrin alpha3beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.705.876.374 Integrin alpha5beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.705.876.500 Integrin alpha6beta1 .
D12.776.543.750.705.877 Receptors, Lymphocyte Homing .
D12.776.543.750.705.877.347 Integrin alpha4beta1 .
D23 Biological Factors .
D23.050 Antigens .
D23.050.301 Antigens, Surface .
D23.050.301.350 Cell Adhesion Molecules .
D23.050.301.350.625 Receptors, Lymphocyte Homing .
D23.050.301.350.625.347 Integrin alpha4beta1 .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Integrin alpha4beta1 .
CD49d-CD29 .
Integrin Heterodimer alpha4beta1 .
Integrin alpha(4)beta(1) .
VLA-4 .
Very Late Activation Antigen-4 .
Very Late Antigen-4 .
alpha4beta1 Integrin .
Antigen-4, Very Late .
Heterodimer alpha4beta1, Integrin .
Integrin, alpha4beta1 .
Late Antigen-4, Very .
Very Late Activation Antigen 4 .
Very Late Antigen 4 .
alpha4beta1, Integrin .
alpha4beta1, Integrin Heterodimer .
Integrin alpha4beta1 is a FIBRONECTIN and VCAM-1 receptor present on LYMPHOCYTES; MONOCYTES; EOSINOPHILS; NK CELLS and thymocytes. It is involved in both cell-cell and cell- EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX adhesion and plays a role in INFLAMMATION, hematopoietic cell homing and immune function, and has been implicated in skeletal MYOGENESIS; NEURAL CREST migration and proliferation, lymphocyte maturation and morphogenesis of the PLACENTA and HEART. .
Integrin alpha1beta1 .
CD49a-CD29 .
Integrin alpha(1)beta(1) .
VLA-1 .
alpha1beta1 Integrin .
Integrin, alpha1beta1 .
alpha1beta1, Integrin .
Integrin alpha1beta1 functions as a receptor for LAMININ and COLLAGEN. It is widely expressed during development, but in the adult is the predominant laminin receptor (RECEPTORS, LAMININ) in mature SMOOTH MUSCLE CELLS, where it is important for maintenance of the differentiated phenotype of these cells. Integrin alpha1beta1 is also found in LYMPHOCYTES and microvascular endothelial cells, and may play a role in angiogenesis. In SCHWANN CELLS and neural crest cells, it is involved in cell migration. Integrin alpha1beta1 is also known as VLA-1 and CD49a-CD29. .
Integrin alpha3beta1 .
CD49c-CD29 .
Epiligrin Receptor .
Galactoprotein b3 .
Gap b3 .
Integrin alpha(3)beta(1) .
Laminin-5 Receptor (alpha3beta1 integrin) .
VLA-3 .
alpha3beta1 Epiligrin Receptor .
alpha3beta1 Integrin .
Epiligrin Receptor, alpha3beta1 .
Integrin, alpha3beta1 .
Receptor, Epiligrin .
Receptor, alpha3beta1 Epiligrin .
alpha3beta1, Integrin .
Cell surface receptor for LAMININ, epiligrin, FIBRONECTINS, entactin, and COLLAGEN. Integrin alpha3beta1 is the major integrin present in EPITHELIAL CELLS, where it plays a role in the assembly of BASEMENT MEMBRANE as well as in cell migration, and may regulate the functions of other integrins. Two alternatively spliced isoforms of the alpha subunit (INTEGRIN ALPHA3), are differentially expressed in different cell types. .
Integrin alpha5beta1 .
Fibronectin Receptor .
Integrin alpha-5 beta-1 .
Platelet Glycoprotein Ic-IIa .
VLA-5 .
VLA-5 Receptors .
Glycoprotein Ic-IIa, Platelet .
Ic-IIa, Platelet Glycoprotein .
Integrin alpha 5 beta 1 .
Platelet Glycoprotein Ic IIa .
Receptor, Fibronectin .
Receptors, VLA 5 .
VLA 5 Receptors .
alpha-5 beta-1, Integrin .
alpha5beta1, Integrin .
beta-1, Integrin alpha-5 .
Receptors, VLA-5 .
Integrin alpha-5 beta-1 .
An integrin found in FIBROBLASTS; PLATELETS; MONOCYTES, and LYMPHOCYTES. Integrin alpha5beta1 is the classical receptor for FIBRONECTIN, but it also functions as a receptor for LAMININ and several other EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX PROTEINS. .
Integrin alpha6beta1 .
CD49f-CD29 .
Integrin alpha(6)beta(1) .
Integrin alpha6Abeta1 .
Integrin alpha6Bbeta1 .
Platelet Glycoprotein I'c-IIa .
VLA-6 .
alpha 6 beta 1 Integrin .
alpha6beta1 Integrin .
CD49f CD29 .
Glycoprotein I'c-IIa, Platelet .
I'c-IIa, Platelet Glycoprotein .
Integrin, alpha6beta1 .
Platelet Glycoprotein I'c IIa .
VLA 6 .
alpha6Abeta1, Integrin .
alpha6Bbeta1, Integrin .
alpha6beta1, Integrin .
A cell surface receptor mediating cell adhesion to the EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX and to other cells via binding to LAMININ. It is involved in cell migration, embryonic development, leukocyte activation and tumor cell invasiveness. Integrin alpha6beta1 is the major laminin receptor on PLATELETS; LEUKOCYTES; and many EPITHELIAL CELLS, and ligand binding may activate a number of signal transduction pathways. Alternative splicing of the cytoplasmic domain of the alpha6 subunit (INTEGRIN ALPHA6) results in the formation of A and B isoforms of the heterodimer, which are expressed in a tissue-specific manner. .
Integrin alpha1 .
CD49a Antigen .
Integrin alpha(1) .
VLA-1 alpha Subunit .
alpha1 Integrin .
Antigen, CD49a .
Integrin, alpha1 .
VLA 1 alpha Subunit .
alpha Subunit, VLA-1 .
Antigens, CD49a .
CD49a Antigens .
An integrin alpha subunit that binds COLLAGEN and LAMININ though its I domain. It combines with INTEGRIN BETA1 to form the heterodimer INTEGRIN ALPHA1BETA1. .