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 DeCS Categories

C01 Bacterial Infections and Mycoses .
C01.252 Bacterial Infections .
C01.252.410 Gram-Positive Bacterial Infections .
C01.252.410.868 Staphylococcal Infections .
C01.252.410.868.820 Staphylococcal Skin Infections .
C01.252.410.868.820.770 Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome .
C01.252.825 Skin Diseases, Bacterial .
C01.252.825.770 Staphylococcal Skin Infections .
C01.252.825.770.770 Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome .
C01.539 Infection .
C01.539.100 Arthritis, Infectious .
C01.539.100.500 Arthritis, Reactive .
C01.539.800 Skin Diseases, Infectious .
C01.539.800.720 Skin Diseases, Bacterial .
C01.539.800.720.770 Staphylococcal Skin Infections .
C01.539.800.720.770.770 Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome .
C04 Neoplasms .
C04.588 Neoplasms by Site .
C04.588.322 Endocrine Gland Neoplasms .
C04.588.322.078 Adrenal Gland Neoplasms .
C04.588.322.078.265 Adrenal Cortex Neoplasms .
C04.588.322.078.265.500 Adrenocortical Adenoma .
C05 Musculoskeletal Diseases .
C05.116 Bone Diseases .
C05.116.198 Bone Diseases, Metabolic .
C05.116.198.371 Mucolipidoses .
C05.116.900 Spinal Diseases .
C05.116.900.853 Spondylitis .
C05.116.900.853.625 Spondylarthritis .
C05.116.900.853.625.800 Spondylarthropathies .
C05.116.900.853.625.800.637 Arthritis, Reactive .
C05.550 Joint Diseases .
C05.550.114 Arthritis .
C05.550.114.099 Arthritis, Infectious .
C05.550.114.099.500 Arthritis, Reactive .
C05.550.114.865 Spondylarthritis .
C05.550.114.865.800 Spondylarthropathies .
C05.550.114.865.800.637 Arthritis, Reactive .
C10 Nervous System Diseases .
C10.228 Central Nervous System Diseases .
C10.228.140 Brain Diseases .
C10.228.140.163 Brain Diseases, Metabolic .
C10. Brain Diseases, Metabolic, Inborn .
C10. Lysosomal Storage Diseases, Nervous System .
C10. Mucolipidoses .
C10.292 Cranial Nerve Diseases .
C10.292.650 Olfactory Nerve Diseases .
C12 Male Urogenital Diseases .
C12.777 Urologic Diseases .
C12.777.419 Kidney Diseases .
C12.777.419.815 Renal Tubular Transport, Inborn Errors .
C12.777.419.815.364 Dent Disease .
C13 Female Urogenital Diseases and Pregnancy Complications .
C13.351 Female Urogenital Diseases .
C13.351.968 Urologic Diseases .
C13.351.968.419 Kidney Diseases .
C13.351.968.419.815 Renal Tubular Transport, Inborn Errors .
C13.351.968.419.815.364 Dent Disease .
C16 Congenital, Hereditary, and Neonatal Diseases and Abnormalities .
C16.320 Genetic Diseases, Inborn .
C16.320.322 Genetic Diseases, X-Linked .
C16.320.322.100 Dent Disease .
C16.320.565 Metabolism, Inborn Errors .
C16.320.565.189 Brain Diseases, Metabolic, Inborn .
C16.320.565.189.435 Lysosomal Storage Diseases, Nervous System .
C16.320.565.189.435.590 Mucolipidoses .
C16.320.565.202 Carbohydrate Metabolism, Inborn Errors .
C16.320.565.202.449 Glycogen Storage Disease .
C16.320.565.202.449.520 Glycogen Storage Disease Type III .
C16.320.565.202.670 Mucolipidoses .
C16.320.565.595 Lysosomal Storage Diseases .
C16.320.565.595.554 Lysosomal Storage Diseases, Nervous System .
C16.320.565.595.554.590 Mucolipidoses .
C16.320.565.861 Renal Tubular Transport, Inborn Errors .
C16.320.565.861.271 Dent Disease .
C17 Skin and Connective Tissue Diseases .
C17.800 Skin Diseases .
C17.800.838 Skin Diseases, Infectious .
C17.800.838.765 Skin Diseases, Bacterial .
C17.800.838.765.770 Staphylococcal Skin Infections .
C17.800.838.765.770.770 Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome .
C18 Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases .
C18.452 Metabolic Diseases .
C18.452.132 Brain Diseases, Metabolic .
C18.452.132.100 Brain Diseases, Metabolic, Inborn .
C18.452.132.100.435 Lysosomal Storage Diseases, Nervous System .
C18.452.132.100.435.590 Mucolipidoses .
C18.452.648 Metabolism, Inborn Errors .
C18.452.648.189 Brain Diseases, Metabolic, Inborn .
C18.452.648.189.435 Lysosomal Storage Diseases, Nervous System .
C18.452.648.189.435.590 Mucolipidoses .
C18.452.648.202 Carbohydrate Metabolism, Inborn Errors .
C18.452.648.202.449 Glycogen Storage Disease .
C18.452.648.202.449.520 Glycogen Storage Disease Type III .
C18.452.648.202.670 Mucolipidoses .
C18.452.648.595 Lysosomal Storage Diseases .
C18.452.648.595.554 Lysosomal Storage Diseases, Nervous System .
C18.452.648.595.554.590 Mucolipidoses .
C18.452.648.861 Renal Tubular Transport, Inborn Errors .
C18.452.648.861.271 Dent Disease .
C19 Endocrine System Diseases .
C19.053 Adrenal Gland Diseases .
C19.053.098 Adrenal Cortex Diseases .
C19.053.098.265 Adrenal Cortex Neoplasms .
C19. Adrenocortical Adenoma .
C19.053.347 Adrenal Gland Neoplasms .
C19.053.347.500 Adrenal Cortex Neoplasms .
C19.053.347.500.500 Adrenocortical Adenoma .
C19.344 Endocrine Gland Neoplasms .
C19.344.078 Adrenal Gland Neoplasms .
C19.344.078.265 Adrenal Cortex Neoplasms .
C19.344.078.265.500 Adrenocortical Adenoma .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Mucolipidoses .
Cherry Red Spot-Myoclonus Syndrome .
Deficiency Disease, Ganglioside Sialidase .
Glycoprotein Neuraminidase Deficiency .
Inclusion Cell Disease .
Mucolipidosis I .
Mucolipidosis II .
Mucolipidosis III .
Mucolipidosis III Alpha Beta .
Mucolipidosis IIIa .
Mucolipidosis IV .
Mucolipidosis Type 1 .
Mucolipidosis Type I .
Mucolipidosis Type II .
Mucolipidosis Type III .
Mucolipidosis Type IV .
Myoclonus-Cherry Red Spot Syndrome .
Psuedo-Hurler Disease .
Sialolipidosis .
Type I Mucolipidosis .
Type II Mucolipidosis .
Type III Mucolipidosis .
Type IV Mucolipidosis .
Deficiencies, Glycoprotein Neuraminidase .
Deficiency, Glycoprotein Neuraminidase .
Glycoprotein Neuraminidase Deficiencies .
I Cell Disease .
I-Cell Diseases .
Inclusion Cell Diseases .
Lipomucopolysaccharidoses .
Mucolipidoses, Type I .
Mucolipidoses, Type II .
Mucolipidoses, Type III .
Mucolipidoses, Type IV .
Mucolipidosis, Type I .
Mucolipidosis, Type II .
Mucolipidosis, Type III .
Mucolipidosis, Type IV .
Polydystrophy, Pseudo-Hurler .
Pseudo Hurler Polydystrophy .
Psuedo Hurler Disease .
Psuedo-Hurler Diseases .
Sialidoses .
Sialolipidoses .
Type I Mucolipidoses .
Type II Mucolipidoses .
Type III Mucolipidoses .
Type IV Mucolipidoses .
I-Cell Disease .
Lipomucopolysaccharidosis .
Pseudo-Hurler Polydystrophy .
Cherry Red Spot Myoclonus Syndrome .
Ganglioside Sialidase Deficiency Disease .
Mucolipidosis .
Myoclonus Cherry Red Spot Syndrome .
Sialidosis .
A group of inherited metabolic diseases characterized by the accumulation of excessive amounts of acid mucopolysaccharides, sphingolipids, and/or glycolipids in visceral and mesenchymal cells. Abnormal amounts of sphingolipids or glycolipids are present in neural tissue. INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY and skeletal changes, most notably dysostosis multiplex, occur frequently. (From Joynt, Clinical Neurology, 1992, Ch56, pp36-7) .
Olfactory Nerve Diseases .
Cranial Nerve I Disorders .
Olfactory Nerve Disease .
Cranial Nerve I Diseases .
First Cranial Nerve Diseases .
Diseases of the first cranial (olfactory) nerve, which usually feature anosmia or other alterations in the sense of smell and taste. Anosmia may be associated with NEOPLASMS; CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM INFECTIONS; CRANIOCEREBRAL TRAUMA; inherited conditions; toxins; METABOLIC DISEASES; tobacco abuse; and other conditions. (Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp229-31) .
Dent Disease .
Dents Disease .
Disease, Dent .
Disease, Dent's .
Disease, Dents .
Dent's Disease .
X-linked recessive NEPHROLITHIASIS characterized by HYPERCALCIURIA; HYPOPHOSPHATEMIA; NEPHROCALCINOSIS; and PROTEINURIA. It is associated with mutations in the voltage-gated chloride channel, CLC-5 (Dent Disease I). Another group of mutations associated with this disease is in phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate-5-phosphatase gene. .
Adrenocortical Adenoma .
Adenoma, Adrenocortical .
Conn Adenoma .
Conn Disease .
Adenoma, Conn .
Adenomas, Adrenal Cortical .
Adenomas, Adrenocortical .
Adenomas, Conn .
Adrenal Cortical Adenoma .
Adrenal Cortical Adenomas .
Adrenocortical Adenomas .
Conn Adenomas .
Conns Disease .
Disease, Conn .
Disease, Conn's .
Adenoma, Adrenal Cortical .
Conn's Disease .
A benign neoplasm of the ADRENAL CORTEX. It is characterized by a well-defined nodular lesion, usually less than 2.5 cm. Most adrenocortical adenomas are nonfunctional. The functional ones are yellow and contain LIPIDS. Depending on the cell type or cortical zone involved, they may produce ALDOSTERONE; HYDROCORTISONE; DEHYDROEPIANDROSTERONE; and/or ANDROSTENEDIONE. .
Arthritis, Reactive .
Arthritis, Post-Infectious .
Post-Infectious Arthritis .
Postinfectious Arthritis .
Reactive Arthritis .
Reiter Disease .
Reiter Syndrome .
Reiter's Disease .
Arthritides, Post-Infectious .
Arthritides, Postinfectious .
Arthritides, Reactive .
Arthritis, Post Infectious .
Disease, Reiter .
Disease, Reiter's .
Post Infectious Arthritis .
Post-Infectious Arthritides .
Postinfectious Arthritides .
Reactive Arthritides .
Reiters Disease .
Syndrome, Reiter .
Arthritis, Postinfectious .
Reiter's Disease .
Reiter Disease .
Reiter Syndrome .
An aseptic, inflammatory arthritis developing secondary to a primary extra-articular infection, most typically of the GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT or UROGENITAL SYSTEM. The initiating trigger pathogens are usually SHIGELLA; SALMONELLA; YERSINIA; CAMPYLOBACTER; or CHLAMYDIA TRACHOMATIS. Reactive arthritis is strongly associated with HLA-B27 ANTIGEN. .
Glycogen Storage Disease Type III .
Amylo-1,6-Glucosidase Deficiency .
Cori Disease .
Deficiency, Debrancher .
Glycogen Debrancher Deficiency .
Glycogen Storage Disease III .
Glycogen Storage Disease Type 3 .
Amylo 1,6 Glucosidase Deficiency .
Amylo-1,6-Glucosidase Deficiencies .
Coris Disease .
Debrancher Deficiencies .
Debrancher Deficiencies, Glycogen .
Debrancher Deficiency, Glycogen .
Deficiencies, Amylo-1,6-Glucosidase .
Deficiencies, Debrancher .
Deficiencies, Glycogen Debrancher .
Deficiency, Amylo-1,6-Glucosidase .
Deficiency, Glycogen Debrancher .
Dextrinoses, Limit .
Dextrinosis, Limit .
Disease, Cori .
Disease, Cori's .
Disease, Forbes .
Glycogen Debrancher Deficiencies .
Glycogenosis 3s .
Limit Dextrinoses .
Cori's Disease .
Debrancher Deficiency .
Forbes Disease .
Glycogen Debranching Enzyme Deficiency .
Glycogenosis 3 .
Limit Dextrinosis .
An autosomal recessive metabolic disorder due to deficient expression of amylo-1,6-glucosidase (one part of the glycogen debranching enzyme system). The clinical course of the disease is similar to that of glycogen storage disease type I, but milder. Massive hepatomegaly, which is present in young children, diminishes and occasionally disappears with age. Levels of glycogen with short outer branches are elevated in muscle, liver, and erythrocytes. Six subgroups have been identified, with subgroups Type IIIa and Type IIIb being the most prevalent. .
Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome .
Ritter's Disease .
Staphylococcal Scalded-Skin Syndrome .
Disease, Ritter .
Disease, Ritter's .
Ritters Disease .
Scalded-Skin Syndrome, Staphylococcal .
Scalded-Skin Syndromes, Staphylococcal .
Staphylococcal Scalded-Skin Syndromes .
Syndrome, Staphylococcal Scalded-Skin .
Syndromes, Staphylococcal Scalded-Skin .
Ritter Disease .
Scalded Skin Syndrome, Staphylococcal .
A disease of infants due to group 2 phage type 17 staphylococci that produce an epidermolytic exotoxin. Superficial fine vesicles and bullae form and rupture easily, resulting in loss of large sheets of epidermis. .