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 DeCS Categories

D27 Chemical Actions and Uses .
D27.720 Specialty Uses of Chemicals .
D27.720.372 Food Ingredients .
D27.720.372.300 Food Additives .
D27.720.372.300.350 Fat Substitutes .
E07 Equipment and Supplies .
E07.858 Surgical Equipment .
E07.858.082 Artificial Organs .
E07.858.082.800 Skin, Artificial .
G07 Physiological Phenomena .
G07.203 Diet, Food, and Nutrition .
G07.203.100 Beverages .
G07.203.100.712 Milk Substitutes .
G07.203.300 Food 4276 .
G07.203.300.514 Food Ingredients .
G07.203.300.514.500 Food Additives .
G07.203.300.514.500.350 Fat Substitutes .
J02 Food and Beverages .
J02.200 Beverages .
J02.200.712 Milk Substitutes .
J02.500 Food 4276 .
J02.500.514 Food Ingredients .
J02.500.514.500 Food Additives .
J02.500.514.500.350 Fat Substitutes .
SP6 Nutrition, Public Health .
SP6.021 Nutrition for Vulnerable Groups .
SP6.021.057 Infant Nutrition .
SP6.021.057.073 Breast Feeding .
SP6. Milk, Human .
SP6. Breast-Milk Substitutes .
VS2 Health Surveillance of Products .
VS2.001 Control and Sanitary Supervision of Foods and Beverages .
VS2.001.002 Beverages .
VS2.001.002.008 Milk Substitutes .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Milk Substitutes .
Milk Substitute .
Food BEVERAGES that are used as nutritional substitutes for MILK. .
Breast-Milk Substitutes .
Breast Milk Substitutes .
Condensed Milk .
Cow's Milk .
Human Milk Substitutes .
Milk Substitutes, Human .
Powdered Milk .
Milk Substitutes (Public Health) .
Any food sold with the purpose of partially or totally substitute human milk in feeding infants. (WHO) .
Fat Substitutes .
Artificial Fat .
Fat Substitute .
Fat, Artificial .
Fats, Artificial .
Substitute, Fat .
Substitutes, Fat .
Artificial Fats .
Compounds used in food or in food preparation to replace dietary fats. They may be carbohydrate-, protein-, or fat-based. Fat substitutes are usually lower in calories but provide the same texture as fats. .
Skin, Artificial .
Artificial Skins .
Skin Substitute .
Skins, Artificial .
Substitute, Skin .
Substitutes, Skin .
Artificial Skin .
Skin Substitutes .
Synthetic material used for the treatment of burns and other conditions involving large-scale loss of skin. It often consists of an outer (epidermal) layer of silicone and an inner (dermal) layer of collagen and chondroitin 6-sulfate. The dermal layer elicits new growth and vascular invasion and the outer layer is later removed and replaced by a graft. .