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 DeCS Categories

C03 Parasitic Diseases .
C03.105 Central Nervous System Parasitic Infections .
C03.105.250 Central Nervous System Helminthiasis .
C03.105.250.600 Neuroschistosomiasis .
C03.335 Helminthiasis .
C03.335.865 Trematode Infections .
C03.335.865.859 Schistosomiasis .
C03.335.865.859.213 Neuroschistosomiasis .
C10 Nervous System Diseases .
C10.228 Central Nervous System Diseases .
C10.228.228 Central Nervous System Infections .
C10.228.228.205 Central Nervous System Parasitic Infections .
C10. Central Nervous System Helminthiasis .
C10. Neuroschistosomiasis .
C10.228.228.618 Myelitis .
C10.228.854 Spinal Cord Diseases .
C10.228.854.525 Myelitis .
C10.228.854.770 Spinal Cord Injuries .
C10.228.854.785 Spinal Cord Vascular Diseases .
C10.228.854.785.650 Spinal Cord Ischemia .
C10.900 Trauma, Nervous System .
C10.900.850 Spinal Cord Injuries .
C14 Cardiovascular Diseases .
C14.907 Vascular Diseases .
C14.907.790 Spinal Cord Vascular Diseases .
C14.907.790.550 Spinal Cord Ischemia .
C26 Wounds and Injuries .
C26.819 Spinal Cord Injuries .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Spinal Cord Diseases .
Spinal Cord Disorders .
Myelopathies .
Spinal Cord Disease .
Spinal Cord Disorder .
Myelopathy .
Pathologic conditions which feature SPINAL CORD damage or dysfunction, including disorders involving the meninges and perimeningeal spaces surrounding the spinal cord. Traumatic injuries, vascular diseases, infections, and inflammatory/autoimmune processes may affect the spinal cord. .
Spinal Cord Injuries .
Injuries, Spinal Cord .
Post-Traumatic Myelopathy .
Spinal Cord Contusion .
Spinal Cord Laceration .
Spinal Cord Transection .
Spinal Cord Trauma .
Contusion, Spinal Cord .
Contusions, Spinal Cord .
Cord Contusion, Spinal .
Cord Contusions, Spinal .
Cord Injuries, Spinal .
Cord Injury, Spinal .
Cord Laceration, Spinal .
Cord Lacerations, Spinal .
Cord Transection, Spinal .
Cord Transections, Spinal .
Cord Trauma, Spinal .
Cord Traumas, Spinal .
Injury, Spinal Cord .
Laceration, Spinal Cord .
Lacerations, Spinal Cord .
Myelopathies, Post-Traumatic .
Myelopathies, Traumatic .
Myelopathy, Post-Traumatic .
Post Traumatic Myelopathy .
Post-Traumatic Myelopathies .
Spinal Cord Contusions .
Spinal Cord Injury .
Spinal Cord Lacerations .
Spinal Cord Transections .
Spinal Cord Traumas .
Transection, Spinal Cord .
Transections, Spinal Cord .
Trauma, Spinal Cord .
Traumas, Spinal Cord .
Traumatic Myelopathies .
Traumatic Myelopathy .
Myelopathy, Traumatic .
Penetrating and non-penetrating injuries to the spinal cord resulting from traumatic external forces (e.g., WOUNDS, GUNSHOT; WHIPLASH INJURIES; etc.). .
Spinal Cord Ischemia .
Experimental Spinal Cord Ischemia .
Ischemic Myelopathy .
Spinal Cord Ischemia, Experimental .
Cord Ischemia, Spinal .
Cord Ischemias, Spinal .
Ischemia, Spinal Cord .
Ischemias, Spinal Cord .
Ischemic Myelopathies .
Myelopathies, Ischemic .
Myelopathy, Ischemic .
Spinal Cord Ischemias .
Reduced blood flow to the spinal cord which is supplied by the anterior spinal artery and the paired posterior spinal arteries. This condition may be associated with ARTERIOSCLEROSIS, trauma, emboli, diseases of the aorta, and other disorders. Prolonged ischemia may lead to INFARCTION of spinal cord tissue. .
Myelitis .
Infectious Myelitis .
Inflammation, Spinal Cord .
Subacute Necrotising Myelitis .
Inflammations, Spinal Cord .
Inflammatory Myelopathies .
Inflammatory Myelopathy .
Myelitides .
Myelitis, Infectious .
Myelitis, Subacute Necrotising .
Myelopathies, Inflammatory .
Necrotising Myelitis, Subacute .
Spinal Cord Inflammations .
Myelopathy, Inflammatory .
Spinal Cord Inflammation .
Inflammation of the spinal cord. Relatively common etiologies include infections; AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES; SPINAL CORD; and ischemia (see also SPINAL CORD VASCULAR DISEASES). Clinical features generally include weakness, sensory loss, localized pain, incontinence, and other signs of autonomic dysfunction. .
Neuroschistosomiasis .
Central Nervous System Schistosomiasis .
Schistosomal Myelitis .
Schistosomal Myeloradiculopathy .
Myelitis, Schistosomal .
Myelopathies, Schistosomal .
Myelopathy, Schistosomal .
Myeloradiculopathies, Schistosomal .
Myeloradiculopathy, Schistosomal .
Neuroschistosomiases .
Schistosomal Myelopathies .
Schistosomal Myeloradiculopathies .
Schistosomal Myelopathy .
Schistosomiasis, Central Nervous System .
SCHISTOSOMIASIS of the brain, spinal cord, or meninges caused by infections with trematodes of the genus SCHISTOSOMA (primarily SCHISTOSOMA JAPONICUM; SCHISTOSOMA MANSONI; and SCHISTOSOMA HAEMATOBIUM in humans). S. japonicum infections of the nervous system may cause an acute meningoencephalitis or a chronic encephalopathy. S. mansoni and S. haematobium nervous system infections are associated with acute transverse myelitis involving the lower portions of the spinal cord. (From Joynt, Clinical Neurology, 1998, Ch27, pp61-2) .