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 DeCS Categories

E07 Equipment and Supplies .
E07.950 Ventilators, Mechanical .
E07.950.500 Ventilators, Negative-Pressure .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Ventilators, Negative-Pressure .
Negative-Pressure Pulmonary Ventilator .
Negative-Pressure Pulmonary Ventilators .
Pulmonary Ventilator, Negative-Pressure .
Pulmonary Ventilators, Negative-Pressure .
Tank Ventilators .
Ventilator, Negative-Pressure Pulmonary .
Negative Pressure Pulmonary Ventilator .
Negative Pressure Pulmonary Ventilators .
Negative Pressure Ventilators .
Negative-Pressure Respirator .
Negative-Pressure Respirators .
Negative-Pressure Ventilator .
Pulmonary Ventilator, Negative Pressure .
Pulmonary Ventilators, Negative Pressure .
Respirator, Negative-Pressure .
Respirators, Negative Pressure .
Tank Ventilator .
Ventilator, Negative Pressure Pulmonary .
Ventilator, Negative-Pressure .
Ventilator, Tank .
Ventilators, Negative Pressure .
Ventilators, Negative-Pressure Pulmonary .
Ventilators, Tank .
Negative-Pressure Ventilators .
Respirators, Pulmonary, Negative-Pressure .
Ventilators, Pulmonary, Negative-Pressure .
Respirators, Negative-Pressure .
Body ventilators that assist ventilation by applying intermittent subatmospheric pressure around the thorax, abdomen, or airway and periodically expand the chest wall and inflate the lungs. They are relatively simple to operate and do not require tracheostomy. These devices include the tank ventilators ("iron lung"), Portalung, Pneumowrap, and chest cuirass ("tortoise shell"). .