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 DeCS Categories

H02 Health Occupations .
H02.478 Nursing .
H02.478.676 Specialties, Nursing .
H02.478.676.920 Transcultural Nursing .
I01 Social Sciences .
I01.076 Anthropology .
I01.076.201 Anthropology, Cultural .
I01.076.201.450 Culture .
I01.076.201.450.281 Cross-Cultural Comparison .
I01.880 Sociology .
I01.880.853 Sociological Factors .
I01.880.853.100 Culture .
I01.880.853.100.257 Cross-Cultural Comparison .
SP3 Population Studies in Public Health .
SP3.001 Population .
SP3.001.005 Interpersonal Relations .
SP3.001.005.030 Social Behavior .
SP3. Sociological Factors .
SP3. Acculturation .
SP3. Cultural Diffusion .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Cultural Diffusion .
Trans-Cultural Diffusion .
Transculture .
Transculturation .
Transculturalism .
Transculturality .
Culture Diffusion .
The movement of cultural traits and ideas from one society or ethnic group to another. (From: Glossary of Terms. Ethnicity and Race: An Introduction to the Nature of Social Group Differentiation and Inequality. Available in: .
Cross-Cultural Comparison .
Comparison, Cross-Cultural .
Comparisons, Cross-Cultural .
Cross Cultural Comparison .
Cross-Cultural Comparisons .
Studies, Transcultural .
Study, Transcultural .
Transcultural Study .
Transcultural Studies .
Comparison of various psychological, sociological, or cultural factors in order to assess the similarities or diversities occurring in two or more different cultures or societies. .
Transcultural Nursing .
Nursing, Transcultural .
A nursing specialty created to answer the need for developing a global perspective in the practice of nursing in a world of interdependent nations and people. The focus of this nursing discipline is on the integration of international and transcultural content into the training. Courses include study in the area of cultural differences, nursing in other countries, and international health issues and organizations, as an example. .